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How-to Make DIY Sweet Heart Cut-Out Ankle Jeans

DIY Cut-out Heart Jeans

I fell in love and pinned these cute sweet heart ankled jeans a year ago and it just occurred to me now to do a quick DIY for them, which I’m sure has already been done because it’s super simple, but I wanted a pair and I thought you might too.

Because my jeans were a little bit long, and I wanted them to feel a bit ’60s, I cuffed my hems up and under and marked where I wanted my heart from there. I think they’re sweeter with a flat and a ’60s flair, but if you wanted to cut out hearts all the way up the sides from large to small, in an ode to the ’80s, that would be a little more rock n’ roll and fun as well. Either way, it’s simple and quick, and super cute for NYE or upcoming Valentine’s Day {which I can’t believe I just referenced!}

Here’s What You’ll Need…

  • Jeans, mine are coated black sparkly skinny jeans by J Brand – see them here in an outfit post from a few years ago
  • Craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Seam adhesive or fabric glue: optional


DIY Cut Out heart jeans-1

Fold your craft paper in half and cut out one side of a heart. Draw it out first if you’re not confident in your heart-cutting skills 🙂 As you can see, it took me a few tries to get the right size/shape.

DIY Cut Out heart jeans-2

Try on your jeans and decide where you want your heart cut out to hit on your ankle.

If you cuff your jeans up or under {as mine are here} include that space into your design.

DIY Cut Out heart jeans-3

Remove your jeans {keeping your cuff intact} and fold one leg perfectly on the seam. Line up the side of your heart with the side of your jeans, and follow the pattern with your scissors to cut out your heart.

NOTE: SOME side seams tend to lay off-center. Account for this and mark where you want your heart to go before if your seams don’t line up. Chances are, your jeans will already fold in this altered position and you’ll have a fold seam.

DIY Cut Out heart jeans-4

It should look like this. Cut away any inner seams that show from the outside.

DIY Cut Out heart jeans-5

Take your hem down {if you cuff them like I do} and measure the distance from the bottom of your jeans to the bottom of your heart/point. Fold your other leg properly, line up your heart pattern and do the same to the other leg. Make sure you’re cutting along the outer seam and not the inner seam.

DIY Cut Out heart jeans-6

Your jeans may fray a little or they may not. To prevent fraying, run a little bit of fabric glue along the edge to keep them neat and tidy.

And… Voila!

DIY heart ankle jeans

diy heart cut out jeans

Heart Cut-out pants

Have Fun!

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