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Safety Pin Belt DIY or Necklace, Choker, or Cuff

safety pin belt

Last week while rummaging through my fabric and notions closet I found this safety pin belt I created in November of 2009. I originally wanted the safety pins to go entirely around the waist and since I ran out of pins I left it unfinished …or so I thought. When I found it the other day I decided to try it on to see how I felt about it and realized it actually was finished. I like it so much better this way …being more versatile, you can wear all the pins together {see end of post} or spread out, like this


Safety Pin Belt DIY - 1

*Any size elastic will work, just find corresponding pins & sticky velcro. I used 1inch braid elastic {shown above -it’s thicker and prettier than regular elastic} & 1-1/2inch pins.

Safety Pin Belt DIY - 2

Safety Pin Belt DIY - 3

Safety Pin Belt DIY - 4

Safety Pin Belt DIY - 5

Safety Pin Belt DIY - 6


safety pin belt diy

. . .or wear it like this . . .

long safety pin necklace  shorty safety pin necklace diy

safety pin choker or bracelet  safety pin belt diy 2

…make a short choker or bracelet cuff to match. Ridiculously easy.

Have Fun!



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