Slow Cooker Recipe // Deliciously Easy Turkey Meatballs

* Recipe by guest contributor Laney Schwartz, creator of Life is But a Dish

I have an obsession.

With my slow cooker.

You guys, seriously, my slow cooker sat in my cabinet for like 6 years untouched. I came up with every excuse not to use it… It’s too heavy, I didn’t plan ahead, I don’t know how. When in reality, I was just afraid. Of what, you ask? I have no idea, because I have just recently discovered that the slow cooker is my best friend. Is that sad?

With minimal prep work, you can make yourself a BOMB dinner with lots of leftovers. I do realize that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and maybe I should be posting only Thanksgiving recipes? But we still gotta eat dinner every night leading up to the big day! So why not make it easy on yourself and let dinner make itself.


Really, it MAKES ITSELF! Set and forget! I love making meatballs because you can really throw in any flavorings that you like. You can also use ground beef, but I’m personally more of a ground turkey girl. This time I chose to make the meatballs large and in charge. This way I only had about six or seven, three or four.


It couldn’t be easier. Throw all your ingredients into a big bowl. Combine using a fork, (or clean hands is even better), form your meatballs and add them to the slow cooker as you go!

Top with your favorite marinara sauce, close the lid, and go get a manicure. Or take a nap. Or make cookies! Or plan your Thanksgiving menu.

I love these served over rice, pasta, or just as is with a salad!


Dinner made easy!

Click through for the full recipe: Turkey Meatballs

Grab a few of my traditional/not-so-traditional Thanksgiving sides below…

Whipped-Sweet-Potato-Casserole Brown-Butter-Brussels-Sprouts-3


You can thank me later.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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    December 17, 2015 |

    Oh Wow! This looks absolutely amazing! Definitely could use this to spice up my christmas dinner!

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