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Sneaky Sneaky Beauty Tricks

I realized that in my singing haze yesterday that I forgot some essential sneaky beauty tricks and decided to just create an entirely new post dedicated to all.

Organic Olive Oil Hair Sheen Spray: I don’t actually use this on my hair. Not because it’s not great but because any shine product just makes my hair feel greasy to me. So instead, I use this as a body oil …lol. Let me just make it known that I hate applying body lotion. I will ONLY use lotion 1. in the summer and 2. on body parts that are showing in an outfit {i.e., legs/arms} and again only if they’re showing. So, on the days where no arms or legs are showing, I just spray this olive oil all over my body just after drying off with a towel …but while standing in the shower and it works WONDERS! Love it!

Natural Primrose oil: My mom is a health nut! When I was 12 we were on vacation in Oregon visiting my uncle and we had to go somewhere LAME that I didn’t want to go and I was cranky …to say the least. My mom gave me a Primrose oil capsule and in about 15-20 minutes, I was content. It is like natural Xanax. It works wonders especially around your period and will turn your frown upside down.

Bed Head Biggie Maxxed Out Hair Spray BEST. HAIRSPRAY. EVER

Bausch & Lomb Eye Wash otherwise known as magical! This stuff is amazing. If I have any sign of an eye infection or even just an itch, I douse both of my eyes with this refreshing solution and voila! all is cleared up. {note* I don’t wear contacts or glasses, if that makes a difference}

Olive Oil any brand will due. About once a week I smear it all over my face. Yes, I smell like pasta, buy my husband is Italian so he doesn’t actually mind. My mom started using Olive Oil on her skin daily {mixed with water} a couple years ago {she has SUPER sensitive skin} and not only has it helped with lines, her once less than perfect complexion now rarely has a blemish on it.

Purple Shampoo and/or Conditioner For blondes only. I started using purple shampoo years ago when trying to keep my platinum hair from turning yellow and it actually works. I still use it on my more natural color to keep the brassiness away as long as possible. The one shown here is a less expensive option {found at a beauty supply} and the first time I’ve used a conditioner instead of a shampoo. It’s a bit drying but works well when mixed with another conditioner. My favorite shampoo is about $16 and made by Schwarzkopf and I’ll most likely go back to it after this is gone …mostly because it’s less drying.

The most amazing barrette ever Sadly the barrette shown here is the last one I have. I’ve been using these on my thick hair since I was a kid and they are awesome. I used to have three large ones and one half the size which was great too but this is the only one I can find now. I have searched the planet {okay not really} for more but have had no luck. Anyone know where I can get these fab barrettes? In the 80’s many of them had ribbons wrapped around them which cascaded down my tresses. …lol.

{my apologies if you left comments on the last post regarding sneaky and awesome beauty tricks …if you have any awesome tricks you’d like to share, please do so}

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