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Special Summer Weekend Traditions & Sweet Little Upgrades

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We are so fortunate to get to live in an area in Southern California where there are actually four seasons. And for this LA girl – who until about two and a half years ago only knew one long and hot/warm-ish season with occasional rain – it is not only incredible and beautiful to experience but life-changing too because actual, real seasons force you to create new patterns and lifestyle changes specifically around the weather.

Now, living “around” the weather may be a drag for some, but it’s really fun for us because it’s still so new and we enjoy the seasonal offerings which bring variety to our lives.

For instance, back in LA, the farmer’s market is a weekly experience. On any given day, one week or another, you can find a farmer’s market at your disposal in or around your area brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, and a mix of other food and fun shopping stands.

When things are that easy though and so readily available, we tend to take them for granted and traffic in LA makes everything a chore. Up here by the lake, however, the farmer’s market is only available in the summer months, May through October, which also brings with it a carefree and relaxed vacation vibe and includes fun concerts and a summer nightlife at the village and around the lake that is far different than anything back home. It’s like a limited edition and unique experience that you really have to soak up before it’s gone or you miss it!

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio_Louis Vuitton Noe bag_sunflowers

And we rarely miss it! Each Friday afternoon we look forward to walking along the lake to the village -just the two of us, or with friends- to shop for our fresh produce, grab a bite to eat, enjoy a bit of music, and walk back along the lake while watching the sun set. It’s simple, but an experience like no other, and it’s ours.

Grabbing a bottle of Ecco Domani Wine to take with us every once in a while is a fun way we upgrade our now weekly weekend tradition. Enjoying the beautiful limited edition Zac Posen bottle before it’s gone, is a must!

Walk by the lake_Ecco Domani

The Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio bottle designed by Zac Posen is SO PRETTY, it easily makes any setting look complete, but pairing it with flowers is a no-brainer. The only thing our farmer’s market lacks is fresh cut flowers, but each week I grab a small bouquet at the grocery store to brighten up the house.

For me, fresh cut flowers and potted orchids are the easiest way to upgrade the everyday and surround myself with beauty and a new pop of color in the house. I generally grab the least expensive bunch that packs the most punch, like these sunflowers were just $4.99 {there are 5 total} and that’s the price of a designer coffee, and flowers last much longer than coffee!

Ecco Domani Zac Posen Pinot Grigio+Sunflowers

sipping wine on the lake shore

Ecco Domani Zac Posen Pinot Grigio_suflowers

Couple selfie_ wine cheers

I was so chaotic in LA, the slow pace of lake life does wonders for my mind, my soul, my creativity and my overall quality of life. It’s probably not for everyone, but the overall feeling up here is a vacation state of mind, which makes everyone pretty happy, very friendly, and always nice to be around.

Every day we spend here is an upgrade. And that’s pretty amazing if you ask me… CHEERS!

Sunset on the lake_cloudy skies

Ecco Domani Cork_Louis Vuitton Bag

Happy Summer Lovecats!

Don’t forget the little things that upgrade your everyday! They add up to big things over time!

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* This post is brought to you by Ecco Domani. All opinions are my own.


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