Spotted: Turquoise Pineapple NecklaceAKA Squash Blossom NecklaceTroop Beverly Hills



I knew there was a reason I settled on Troop Beverly Hills last night over Juno to fall asleep to …not that Juno is not amazing, because it is BUT had I left it on Juno, I would have never known that Shelley Long wears yet another version of the turquoise pineapple necklace in the movie. And yes, even though it was past midnight and I had to get up for work this morning, I JUMPED out of bed to grab my camera and document it. {as if I were NEVER going to watch Troop Beverly Hills again …I mean, come on, it’s a classic!}

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  • Ana Aguilar

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    Hahahahaha! You’re amazing! Did you take these pictures at midnight when you had to wake up early to work just to document it! That deserves the Pulitzer!! 😀

  • ~ Kelly Ann ~

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    Oh my goodness -haven’t seen that movie in ages. I used to babysit a girl who loved that movie and watch Troop Beverly Hills all the time. Did you know Tori Spelling is in that movie~

    It’s a classic- thxs for posting

  • Alexandra

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    One of my favorite movies! I def. have the dvd 🙂

    Amazing observation – oh how I love turquoise.

    Style & Noise

  • Dooder City

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    I love that movie. I love everyone in it. I love that Jenny Lewis is in that movie! My favorite montage is when they have to earn the patches! And of course, I thought their outfits were so awesome in the 80’s. I wanted to be in a troop beverly hills.

  • calixta.jive.

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    i love love love that movie!!!

  • BeeHappy

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    I love that movie too! Such a fun flick. My sister and I used to watch it all the time!

  • TheBeautyFile

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    yes yes yes!!! such a great spot!! boo red feathers!

  • Dorkys Ramos

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    You know what’s funny? This is the second Troop Beverly Hills reference I’ve come across on a blog this week! Man, I haven’t watched that movie in aaages 🙂

  • Dream Sequins

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    I love falling asleep to movies myself. 🙂 What a campy classic.

  • Anna M.

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    I have a version of that necklace too. 😀 Was inherited from my grandmother-in-law.

  • Low Cost High Style

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    I luv that movie so so much!!!

  • janettaylor

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    Oh my gosh…such amazing necklace!


  • Oz

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    coool post!!! I love that movie too…visit my blog sometime x

  • brooke

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    this is hilarious because i was trying to decide last night if i wanted to fall asleep to juno or raising arizona…i settled on juno because i wouldn’t stayed up to finish raising arizona…haha…

  • Bella

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    It’s amazing… I def need something similar! xx

  • Hanako66

    June 18, 2009 | Reply


    you crack me up…I love that movie and that necklace is so amazing….seriously, timeless

  • ambika

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    The best bit is seeing little Jenny Lewis before she became sultry Miss Rilo Kiley. & I had no idea Tori Spelling was in it, too…

  • gigi

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    ha! one of my all time favorite movies ever! love it!

  • teasinglydiverse

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    I love that movie…

  • bananas.

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    OMG i love that movie! it’s hilarious to see the actresses as kids, like carla gugino or tori spelling.

  • Poke Salad Annie

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    ha HA! that’s hilarious. first cher, then troop beverly hills! where on earth will it turn up next? 😀

  • J-Diggety

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    Luv that movie! Ahhh, the classics 🙂

  • Lyndsy

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    I just adore that movie! Shelly Long rocked in the 80’s! Where’d she go all of sudden?

  • Tara Gibson

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    ohhh how I loveeee that movie

    “He Permed ME” hahaha

  • Darla: Retro Ways

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    ohhh I love this movie so much! That necklace is everywhere so crazy! ♥

  • Elizabeth Marie

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    OMG hahahaha!
    we’re the girls from Beverly Hills, shopping is our greatest thrill…”

    I know every word to that movie. Gabby used a pic in an awards post-
    “Patches, we dont need no stinkin patches!”

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Brunch at Saks

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    Oh my gosh, you are awesome for posting about this! Troop Beverly Hills is my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie!!!

    “Gather ’round you friends of mine, we’re wilderness girls and it’s cookie time…”

    Great post 🙂

  • Heavenly Hummingbird

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    beverly hills what a thrill!!!

  • Chessa!

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    🙂 I love that you jumped out of bed to take a picture of it…that’s something I would do! except we don’t have a tv in the bedroom…I’m reading the Twlight saga…I’m on New Moon. So lately I’m falling asleep and fighting to stay awake for one more page bc it’s so freaking addicting that I can’t stop.

  • Kimberly

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    I knew that necklace looked familiar! This totally explains it because I have seen TBH at least 500 times!

  • drollgirl

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    well i never imagined i would see SHELLEY LONG on yer blog! bhahaha!!! this is fab. i need to see this movie NOW!

  • Tiffany

    June 18, 2009 | Reply

    whenever people ask me what my favorite movie is Troop Beverly Hills is always on my list!

  • neurochiq

    June 19, 2009 | Reply

    you spotted the necklace again! From Cher, and now in Troop Beverly Hills. Hope to see you wear it yourself! =)


  • Style Porn

    June 19, 2009 | Reply

    OMG OMG OMG. this was like, one of my most favorite movies ever growing up. I didn’t remember Shelley Long looking so fab though. I’ll have to re-watch.

  • Juju

    June 19, 2009 | Reply

    I SO need this necklace.

  • me melodia

    June 19, 2009 | Reply

    Don’t you just love those midnight inspirations?
    Thank god for technology. How else would we waste our time so elegantly.
    Great post!

  • Children of the Nineties

    June 19, 2009 | Reply

    Love, Love, Love it. I’m not embarrassed to admit I own Troop Beverly Hills on DVD. I used to love the whole Phyllis Neffler fashion vibe, though now it definitely comes off as a little cupcake-y.

  • Bayjb

    June 22, 2009 | Reply

    Wow that is a really bold statement piece. I mean, wow, I can’t stop staring at it. LOL.

  • xgf

    June 22, 2009 | Reply

    I was at the Long Beach flea market today and spotted your pineapple necklace in a jewelry case. I totally thought of you and this blog. The price was listed at a hefty $995!!!! Crazy!

    (first comment but I’ve been stalking for awhile *grin*)

  • Feather Whitecrow

    June 22, 2009 | Reply

    Just thought I would tell ya that the necklace is actually called a Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace. Here is a link if you want to read about the origin of it. Im Navajo and my grandma used to have about 5 of these, I never knew that someone would think they were cool.
    I know that they can be pretty expensive when they are made with real turquoise. Well just thought I would share that. Heres the link….


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