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bodycon_fishnets_boots_ in the snow

What I’m Wearing…

* Indigo bodycon turtleneck dress by American Apparel
* David Bowie sweatshirt by R13 {s/o but there’s a tee avail!}
* Fishnet stockings
* Indigo boots by Pedro Garcia
* Sunglasses by Chloe
* Fold-over Falabella bag in black by Stella McCartney

NOTE: You may have seen me “modeling” this outfit via my snapchat last week 😉

* Title: David Bowie – ChangesTime may change me, but I can’t trace time. Best. Bowie. Song. Ever… well, so many good ones really.

It’s been a little over a week since Bowie passed, and I’ve been thinking about him nearly every day. It’ strange how someone you never knew, never even met, can have such an impact on you… and I think musicians, more than any other “strangers” may influence us in more ways than we know.

I’ve been listening to music since I was born {as you probably were too}… music is just in my family, in my blood, and I honestly can’t live without out. It’s actually a really big part of my day when I think about it… As soon as I go into my office, I turn my music on before I start work. I turn music on before I get in the shower, if I’m hiking alone, music in my earbuds. I listen to music in my car, and anywhere else I can, all day long from any decade and any genre.

I’m open to all music new and old, & though I’m not a huge fan of country, there are a few songs I don’t mind… but the point is, songs are like tiny stories that make us feel like the artists singing them understand “us”. We can relate to the lyrics in more ways than one and we find ourselves through music, from an early age. When certain songs come on or even certain beats, my body just moves, I can’t help dancing to the groove… music is literally within me and David Bowie was a part of that and it’s sad that such a talented human can no longer create art.

As much as fame is a part of our culture, the true artists speak to all of us, inspiring and igniting us to be true to ourselves and without fame, we may never get to know them. Fame, makes a man take things over

bodycon navy dress and boots with fishnets in the snow

dress and boots in the snow

David Bowie sweatshirt_stella mccartney bag

bodycon style in the snow_Bardot

dress and sweatshirt_ boots with fishnets

half bun hair up

body con dress_boots_fishnets_in the snow

blue dress_blue boots_ fishnets_stella mccartney falabella chain bag

bodycon dress in the snow_ bowie sweatshirt

Happy Hump Day Lovecats!

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