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Tinker Bell Halloween Costume Hair & Makeup Tutorials

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Nowadays, Disney‘s Tinker Bell is both sweet and sassy. But the early Tinker Bell wasn’t so sweet; in fact, she was a jealous little thing! I’ve taken a little inspiration from both the original Tink and some of the newer interpretations for this DIY Tinker Bell costume, as well as her hair and makeup. If you’ve already got blonde hair with bangs, then this will be a cinch! I don’t have bangs, so I had to make it look like I do AND create the look of a pixie cut in front.

How-to Tinker Bell Makeup…


Tinker Bell, as with many of the Disney Princesses, and Fairies, has mostly natural-looking “pretty” makeup. I used neutrals and pinks to create the look and essentials like black eyeliner, faux lashes, berry lips, and a hint of glitter shadows. Begin with your regular foundation/powder application…


Tink’s most descriptive trait is her HIGH ARCHED brows. I used a blonde pencil to arch mine even more than they already are and an eyebrow gel to set them in place.


Using neutrals to create depth in my lids with shadow, I later added more pink to the middle of my lids and apples of my cheeks. Tink also has a great winged eye because she’s mischievous! Use your favorite eye liner pencil or liquid to create yours or use a temporary tattoo eye liner!


Add your favorite false eyelashes … the bigger the better for costumes! Don’t forget to curl your real eyelashes first.


Go back over your eyeliner to make it more dramatic. Hide your lash line by adding a liquid liner on top.


Apply your mascara to merge your real lashes with your falsies!


Grab your shimmer powder and go nuts! You can use it on your shoulders like fairy dust.


And apply it heavily to your lids, especially at your brow line and into your eyebrows so everything is sparkly. You can add it to your cheeks as well!

How-to Tinker Bell Hair Tutorial…


Begin with clean straight hair… mine happens to be SUPER long at the moment, but this will work with any length of “long” hair you can fit into a bun.

Here’s What You’ll Need…


-One or two rubber bands or elastics to hold your hair up

-Bobby pins

-Sock bun or doughnut

-Hair Spray

-Green Ribbon (I used left-over tulle from my DIY leaf skirt)


Begin by pulling ALL of your hair into a high pony tail.


If you DON’T HAVE BANGS, separate out a small section from the front/sides of your pony and clip them to the side.


With your sock bun or doughnut, slip it through the tip of the remaining ponytail hair. And like any sock bun, fold your hair over the top of it and begin rolling it down towards your head.


Roll your bun down to your head and pin it in place with your bobby pins.


Tease the front hair that you left out of your sock bun.


Now, this is the most challenging part if your hair is as long as mine is. I was aiming at creating the look of bangs AND the look of a pixie cut all in one. To shorten sections so they wouldn’t hang over my face too long, I swooped them over to one side, pinned them down, then swooped the remaining back until I covered all the front of my head and forehead. I didn’t mind the longer hairs in the front; though it did have a bit of a ’90s feel, it resembled both a pixie and faux bangs, so it worked!


And since Tink doesn’t really have a clean line between where her bangs begin and bun ends, all the added hair on top works for the new and the old interpretations of her character. Now, SPRAY IT TO STAY!


And wrap your green ribbon around your bun to finish!


Don’t forget your berry lips!!

And… Voila! Tinker Bell Hair + Makeup…





Have Fun!

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DIY Tinker Bell Costume + Hair & Makeup

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