DIY Tinker Bell Costume + Hair & Makeup

DIY Tinker Bell Costume + Hair & Makeup Tutorial

I had such high hopes of getting at least two Disney costumes in a month up until Halloween, but have only been able to do one each. They’re my favorite, and super fun, but very time consuming! I am still in love with my DIY Merida from Brave Costume and my Cinderella Costume | Modern Day Style and I so thought I’d do all the blonde Princesses, but alas, I only have so much time to play dress up! But since I get three posts out of it, one for Beauty, one for Style, and one for my own blog, it’s time well spent. And hopefully in the process I can offer a little bit of inspiration for an easy and fun DIY Halloween Costume for you!

Obviously, my latest Disney costume DIY interpretation is Tinker Bell, but first, a little trip down memory lane when I was four years old and dressed up as Tinker Bell for Halloween


My mom always made my Halloween costumes, which I’m sure is why to this day, I do the same. I’ve purchased a few along the years when in a pinch, but I never feel as proud of them as I do my own DIY versions. It’s so funny that one would even care, but my Halloween standards are high 😉

So for this costume, I used a dress I already had, made a little leafy skirt, big poufs for my shoes and then finished the look with hair and makeup. I opted against the wings for two reasons: 1. wings are annoying to wear 2. This costume reads Tink without them! But I did find a really cool place where you can get Custom Fairy Wings made, that are beautiful. But also, you can buy a pair pretty cheaply these days.

Here’s the base dress I began with…

DIY Tinkerbell Costume-dress

Tinkerbell DIY costume-1

DIY Tinkerbell dress costume bun-1

Click through the link below to see my full DIY Costume Tutorial w/shoe poufs!

DIY Adult Tinker Bell Costume

DIY Tinkerbell Shoes and Skirt-1

DIY Tinkerbell costume-45

DIY Tinkerbell costume hair makeup-1


Click through the link below to see my full Makeup & Hair tutorials!

Tinker Bell Hair & Makeup Tutorial

DIY TInkerbell Hair Bun Sock Bun-1

1 Tinker bell hair tutorial sock bun

DIY Tinkerbell dress costume shoes-1

I used a wooden chopstick for a wand, and it worked well, though I’m still only “Okay” at replicating Tink’s poses, lol. What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

Happy Halloween Month!

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