You could have a steam train …if you’d just lay down your tracks

vintage 80's shell necklace and black and khaki casual outfit

What I’m Wearing …it’s been insanely humid here lately and I’ve been going through my closet with comfort in mind only. The husband isn’t too fond of my “comfy” outfits …understandably, they’re not very flattering, but sometimes I just don’t want to wear anything too clingy.

* Victoria’s Secret khaki pants, cuffed, and purchased 2 sizes too big so they’d be baggy. {bought a few years ago} Last seen here, in a similar outfit actually, and one I liked a little better than this one.
* Armani Exchange black t-shirt. This was actually an old tee of the husband’s that I just snagged because he never wore
* Steve Madden platform wedges
* Vintage 80’s shell necklace was my mom’s …I snatched it last week when we were playing with Delilah, vintage and new bangles, Leyendecker black tassel belt.
* Gucci classic stripe cat eye sunglassescloseups here
* Victoria’s Secret Open cardigan {mostly for inside the gallery, as it’s freezing in there}
* Cynthia Rowley burgundy bag

* Hair: this was the day after I slept on the hair roll.

* Title: lyrics from Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (1986) …not a favorite song but not a bad one either really. I do love these first lyrics though. You could have a steam train if you you just lay down your tracks which to me means, you can be or do anything you want to …but you can’t just sit around waiting for it to come knock on your door. There are those lucky few that do seemingly fall into the perfect life, but you don’t know if they’re happy about it or are longing for something else. In my experience, if you’re passionate about something, and you work hard, and you put your all into it and do the parts of it you’d rather hire someone else to do, i.e. just lay down your tracks, one day you will look around and realize you’ve succeeded. It’s not “work” if it’s your passion but it’s essential to enjoy the process and the journey and not just run to the finish line.

But here’s the thing, if you’re lazy or afraid or whatever it may be that’s keeping you from doing whatever it is you want to do, don’t hate on others because they are doing it. Learn from them instead and go live your own destiny.

curls and waves without heat

black  and khaki and 80s shell necklace

black and khaki and wood and tassels

Happy Friday Lovecats



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