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6 Creative Landscaping Ideas You Can Do Today

{Maegan’s Note // As we embark on a monstrous landscaping project of our own, I sometimes think WHY didn’t I just do this myself!?! It still feels larger than life, but is already taking far longer than I expected even to just get started and costs are already rising before a brick gets laid, a plant gets planted, or a wall gets knocked out. I almost feel like I want to put a stop to the entire thing and just take over… but realistically I know it’s more than I can DIY on my own and think maybe I just need to breathe, smile, relax, and find patience in the chaos before it even begins.}

sun room // barn door

by guest contributor Paisley Hansen

Landscaping is an activity that does not have to take a full season to bear fruit. If you just want to change the look of your garden or add some curb appeal, you can opt for more immediate results.

Instead of planting perennials, that take a long time to flower for instance, you can pop in some bright annuals that are already flowering when you buy them and will do so during that entire season. However, landscaping is more than just buying the right plants to create instant results, it also is about planning to change the structure of your exterior via creative activities you might not think about right away.

Think Outside the Border…

When it comes to brainstorming ideas for the garden, it can be hard to think outside the border. However, that’s where most of your “one­day” projects will reside. Here are six ways you can instantly change the look of your garden and get real gratification after only a few hours of hard work:

  1. Add an Island ­

    DIY landscaping // exterior ideas

    Have extra dirt lying around and some old newspaper? Why not pile up the newspaper, dampen it to smother the grass underneath, and start to build up an island in the middle of what was previously a grassy expanse? Shape it however you please and add some annuals, a fountain, or a garden sculpture.

  2. Jump into Container Gardening ­

    DIY landscaping // exterior ideas

    Don’t want to mess around with a shovel? You can still add spunk and color to your landscape with some carefully placed containers. Large containers can accentuate the entrance to your home and small ones can hang off your patio. You can move these containers around, allowing you to “paint your landscape” by moving the annuals around when they are in bloom.

  3. Put on Your Artist’s Smock ­

    flower painted backyard fence

    Landscaping isn’t just about adding live flowers and plants. It can also be about adding visual elements to your landscape that reinforce a design. You can add drama and intrigue to a landscape by painting large sunflowers on a barn door or adding a nature scenario to a boarded fence like this one from wallmurals.com. Even in the dead of winter, they will bring a touch of spring to your exterior landscape.

  4. Add a Focal Point ­

    Try a project that adds interest to your landscaping, like adding a bird bath, Koi pond, or trellis. Even if you have no experience, you can usually simplify the installation by buying a kit and just reading the directions. It can put a smile on your face to see the result in very little time.

  5. Put Your Best Face Forward ­

    DIY landscaping // exterior ideas

    Sometimes it’s not about what you add, but what you take away. If unsightly bushes make your landscaping seem trashy, then remove or trim them down significantly. Cutting back branches and eliminating garden waste can spruce up your landscaping and give it a breath of fresh air.

  6. Light the Way

    DIY landscaping // exterior ideas

    Want to get more time to enjoy your garden? Add some landscaping lights to walkways and outdoor areas. Not only will you get to enjoy this feature when the sun goes down, but so will your neighbors. Opt for LED solar lights to keep wires to a minimum. This is a project that won’t cost much and adds instant drama to your landscaping. With so many styles to choose from, you can even add a decorator’s touch to the garden to accentuate a particular theme, from an Asian motif to whimsical fantasy scenarios.

You don’t have to devote days to incorporate simple landscaping ideas into your home. All it takes is a little interest and some determination to do it. These ideas can be completed in a single afternoon and you can enjoy them for years afterwards.

Happy Landscaping!

* First photo // Rustica Hardware Barn Doors
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