A Woman for President

I am 31 years old and I have never voted. A history teacher in high school told us that our vote does not count. I had heard my mother say the same thing before so all I needed was this second source to make it a truth. I was young. I believed these two women and never pursued the knowledge to back up my new opinion. I never paid much attention to politics. I didn’t grow up in a political household so it was easy not to care. However, when asked why I didn’t vote, I would always answer “When a woman runs for president, I’ll vote!”

The past three years or so, and mostly due to my husband, I have paid more attention to politics. I don’t know why but I’ve always had a sense that it was just all bullshit.

In April 2007, I started an environmental business. Because of this, I was sort-of forced to pay even more attention to politics. Once again, the conspiracy theories were always more appealing. I found zeitguist.com and numerous other truth movement writings and documentaries. I was obsessed with learning everything and anything I could and I became depressed about it for months afterwards. For me, it was even more proof that not only do our votes not matter but we don’t either. And while that is a severely depressing thing to accept, if you think about it like a game, it makes me almost want to be a part of it. Like being the most popular girl in school. That kind of game can be won 🙂

Let it be known that the fact that she is a woman is not the sole reason Hillary gets my vote. I must confess, however, that I get very emotional watching her thinking we are about to make history and it’s so exciting and she’s a WOMAN! But because it doesn’t matter anyway, and because I think whomever is going to be our next president already knows it, my vote is for HC.

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