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Antique Mall -ing in Sherman Oaks

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Had the prices been right, I may have left with every one of these chairs …above and below because they were all so incredibly fabulous. The mirror-backed dining set of chairs had a matching mirrored console. It was utterly ridiculous! …in a good way.

antique mall sherman oaks -13

There are a few vintage clothes racks but quite a lot of jewelry booths, estate and otherwise overflowing with treasures, but since my original purpose wasn’t exactly for jewelry, I didn’t snap many photos of it …I did, however leave with a few extraordinary gems though.

antique mall sherman oaks -12

what i scored

lobster pendant necklace+vintage lobster necklace+castlecliff necklace

I have to admit that I secretly died when I was handed this vintage Castlecliff lobster pendant necklace. This was my biggest splurge of the trip. Though I don’t think it was overpriced for a unique Castlecliff I almost turned it down. I’m pretty sure the saleswoman knew if she handed it to me I wouldn’t be able to give it back …and she was right. I won’t tell you the price but I will tell you that it was 15% off 😉

gilded jeweles+bjoux+d&g vintage ring+90's jewelry+versace style 90's gilded gold jewelry

I’m dying for all that is gilded, bijoux, 90’s Versace gaudy gold and bejeweled lately and these two pieces fall exactly into that category. The ring, which was first thought to be D&G but at closer inspection just has the letters DG inscribed {?} was still a deal at $35. This was from the same woman who sold me the Castlecliff lobster. When I went up to the front to pay I found the bracelet at the counter that was such a perfect match I couldn’t pass it up. It was $45 and also 15% off …maybe a bit higher than I wanted but the perfect match absolutely sold me on it.

gold tree stumps in our house

And the biggest steal of the day, at $25 each, my beloved golden tree stumps {you can see them in the shots above the zebra chair}. As I walked passed them the first time, they literally whispered “psst” to me …and I did a double take. When I saw the price I folded my arms and stood there for a good 5 minutes contemplating their amazement. And when push came to shove, it was really all about the price. Well, and the fact that they make me giggle and are fabulous. {tweeted from the back of my car}

For now they are sitting in what we refer to as our game room and they may just get a little sheepskin on top of each and remain there as seats …but they could also have a home by the fireplace, in my office with a piece of glass over them as a desk, or as side or coffee tables around the couch. I’m not sure where they will end up but they have already proven themselves as a conversation piece and that seals the deal for me …not to mention great props for DIYs, dogs posing, & jewelry in outfit posts. And it must be mentioned that my husband now thinks I am insane.

delilah+scott+gold stumps

And proof {as if you need it 😉 } from my brother Scott & niece, D’Lady George, that they are indeed, fantastic sitting devices. {photo taken w/ my iphone}

* Check out the gold stumps in our Rock n’ Roll Video Game Room *

sherman oaks antique mall ventura blvd

The Sherman Oaks Antique Mall is on the corner of Ventura blvd near Hazeltine {and it’s enormous} …check the Map/About page for even more info or befriend them on Facebook. They’re having a storewide 10% – 50% off sale through August 15th. I stop in there every so often on my way home from the gallery just to see what new trinkets I can spy …or if nothing else, for a little inspiration.



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