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Artist Spotlight: Yvonne Gold, Instagram Triptychs

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 12

This should probably also be categorized under Best Instagram Accounts to Follow, but I found this ex-make-up artist and conceptual consultant’s Instagram via Another Magazine’s article Yvonne Gold: Queen of the Instagram Triptych and fell instantly for her eye for visuals.

Below is an excerpt from the article at Another Mag…

Gold made her name back in the eighties, when her work as the resident make-up artist for Vivienne Westwood’s first eight shows and collaborations with Helmut Newton, Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Piaggi catapulted her to renown – now, her comparatively recent arrival on Instagram is revealing the triptychs that inform her work. “My only criteria are that it has to do with makeup, beauty or the body,” she explains, but her selections are far more diverse that that might sound, encompassing all sorts of (sometimes unnerving) images that always deserve a second look. “I don’t necessarily think that what I post is beautiful, but is it someone’s concept of beauty, and that reflects diversity and another dimension, which I love.” Here, she reveals the thoughts behind her process…

* Follow Yvonne Gold on Instagram : yvonnegold99

Here are some my favorite blocks of 9 from Gold’s IG

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 1

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 2

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 3

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 4

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 5

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 6

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 7

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 8

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 9

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 11

Artist Spotlight Yvonne Gold 10

“Mixing art and fashion with beauty, you can’t beat Bourdin. His pictures are timeless, remember having dinner with in Paris with him, Karl Lagerfeld, Vern Lambert and Anna Piaggi who taught me so much, her Fashion Algebra was so Instagram. Think I had the Kari-Ann Muller Adel Rootstein mannequin shot from when I designed punk make up for them.” ~ Yvonne Gold from Another Magazine’s article Yvonne Gold: Queen of the Instagram Triptych

“Instagram woke me up to cyberspace! It’s like fashion’s versions of family snaps, and you get to see how people’s minds work, what their obsessions are.”

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