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There are days where I end up with about twenty window tabs open -on not one- BUT TWO DIFFERENT browser windows, thinking I’m going to share certain articles on one form of social media or another and then by the end of the day I’ve usually forgotten. I’m sure you have a similar situation on your monitor right now as I type this and as you are reading it. But recently it had been so many beauty-related links I had saved I thought I may as well do a link round up to share… because there’s some really great stuff here. Though some of the articles and posts are recent, a couple are a few years old, but the tips and tricks are just as fabulous and relevant now as ever.

My FAVORITE trick has to do with the third link below: 6 Super-weird beauty tricks that work wonders… though it’s not that weird. They say to take a bath after you apply your makeup to set it and it’s SUCH a great tip. But I don’t take a full bath, sometimes I’ll just turn my shower on for a second and stand near/in it so the steam gives me that “glow” and takes away that clumpy foundation feel that took me years to figure out. What would be best though, is a small hand-steamer that I could just turn on while I’m finishing up my makeup because I CRINGE at the thought of wasting water. So I’m going to look into that asap and let you know how it works.


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Tips to look amazing in photos…


Happy Friday Lovecats! Have a FAB Holiday Weekend!

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