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Bluma // A New Way to Carry Your FRESH BLOOMS & Flowers

Bluma_ a new way to carry your fresh blooms or flowers

Does it bother you as much as it bothers me when you see fashion blogger after fashion blogger carrying a bouquet of “fresh blooms” in her way-to-expensive-to-be-carrying-flowers-in-handbag? It enrages me, lol. However, I’m totally guilty of it too… I just couldn’t resist the white roses in my Shelby Dress photo shoot, but come on… who REALLY carries FRESH BLOOMS in their handbags on the regular? There’s always a chance the water from the flowers could leak out and destroy the lining of the bag, if not the entire bag, which is cringe-worthy. And so I constantly roll my eyes when I see it.. and then I did it, so I’m a total hypocrite.

After sharing this itty bitty rant with my friends Josh and Rafi on their last visit, I found this link in my inbox Adam Groch Designs A New Way To Carry Flowers WAIT. WHAT. THIS IS GENIUS… A cute and practical way to carry your FRESH BLOOMS {can you see how that phrase gets under my skin as well?} from the farmer’s market or any market, back to your house without ruining any handbags? I’m in!



Designer Adam Groch has created BLUMA, a new way to carry flowers.

BLUMA has been made from one part of stiff cardboard. The bag can be folded with three simple movements, without using scissors or glue. It is enough to fold paper in indicated places to form a container with a handle to be held in a hand. If necessary, you can easily tear off a lower and upper part of the bag to fit a bigger bouquet. There is a cut on the side, where you can put a card message or a business card.



I mean, it just doesn’t get any cuter!

* Buy BLUMA flower carriers here


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