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Bringing the Outdoors In // Decorating with Branches

decorating with tree branches
Lake House Pinterest Board via French Grey

I have been known to, on more than one occasion, spy an amazingly large fallen tree branch while outside, decide it’s perfection, drag it home, wash it, and use it as decor in my own house. Note the word “fallen”, as I would never cut a tree and steal its limbs for my own use. I see them everywhere now in decor, but back then, I was made fun of quite often… though it did nothing to lessen my love affair with branches and decorating with them. I only wish I had old photos to show you of my favorite branch I had wedged in an open stairway in a house I lived in well over ten years ago. In all honesty, I wish I still had that branch. It was massive.

white girl afro curls, french bulldog

In the first condo that the husband and I lived in back in 2004, I found a medium sized branch outside that I loved, dragged it in, hot-glued tiny flowers all over it so it resembled a cherry blossom tree and hung it on a wall in one of the stairwells. I used it in this little photo shoot I set up on our roof deck for my afro curls tutorial & this hair tutorial as well {seen above}.

I love the natural color of the branches after they dry, but painted in any number of colors would be beautiful as well.

And of course I am feeling branches again in the new house, and though the trees here are a bit different, I did happen to find a nice branch out on a walk the other day… here’s the husband carrying it home for me {via VINE find me at “love Maegan” ; It’s hanging in my shower at the moment to dry out and creating a massive mess in the mean time.

Decorating Ideas Using Branches…

Below are some of my favorite decor ideas using branches which I’ve found around the internet. Some I’ve used before many times and some are new.

decorating with large branches

1. Forever love
2. Amy Merrick olive branch via pinterest
3. Tree branches as wall decor above bed
4. Manzanita Branch $14.95
5. Branch centerpieces

decorating with floral branches

1. The Green Dandelion
2. branches in boots
3. Design Sponge
4. Interiors by Studiom

decorating with branches, lighting fixtures

1. Forever love
2. My Pinterest {can’t find og src}
3. branches with lights… via pinterest
4. Forever Love

Also loving…

Eucalyptus in the shower

Eucalyptus in the shower via Apartment Therapy

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