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Little Corners of my New Office with Pretty Paper Peonies

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Happy Monday Lovecats!

With the tragic event that took place on January 6th, it’s been a challenge to focus on anything other than the anxiety and fear that comes with the uncertainty about the world we are living in. Among all the other chaos we were hoping to leave behind in 2020 once we rang in the new year, 5 days of peace in 2021 just does not feel like we’re off to a great start. I only hope that once January comes to an end we will have representatives in office that are doing what they can to make us feel safe and secure and united again.

In an effort to take my mind off of it, since I feel a little helpless about the whole thing, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my new office and at least that feels like progress, which feels good. If we can’t change the world, we can change our own world by staying positive and creating beautifully energetic spaces to reside in (physically and metaphorically) and continue to be patient and hope for the best.

Over the weekend Chad helped me install new window shades on the front windows and a few more curtain panels over the entry doors. We also set up and activated the internet which means I can set up my main computer there and get to work this week! The idea of finally being in this space that feels so creative every time I walk in, just makes me smile SO BIG and I am grateful for that.

I’m still waiting on my ceiling pendant fixture to arrive to install it in the main room/sitting area and we have one more lighting situation to finish and other than finishing organizing and decorating, all will be done!

Stacy from Best Buds sent me these pretty paper peonies and I just love them! The colors are perfect and they add a soft feminine touch and… they’ll live forever! I placed them in one of my new speckled concrete pots and set them in different corners of my office to test lighting and I think overall, everything works. The light bounces off my blush/pink curtains and creates a soft glow, which is really pretty… I’m just hoping it doesn’t go too pink once all is said and done.

These paper flowers are really pretty to use anywhere but probably also great for parties and celebratory decor. They are strong but look delicate and the soft pink ones have a little shimmer to them!

The concrete speckled flower pot is from a local store here in Lake Arrowhead (I got two sizes!) but I also found them online and added a few similar items below as well as other similar items seen in this post. I painstakingly found (lol) my blush curtain panels years ago for my last home office, but there are so many more options available now… so I’ve linked them below.

We spent a ridiculous amount of time refinishing this desk, but I’m in love! I’ll share an entire before and after post on it because it was a labor of love!

I LOVE the dark walls, especially with the blush curtains, the space actually feels bigger than it did prior. They always say dark walls will make a space feel smaller, but depending on the accessories and furniture and lighting, you can really make a room feel larger while also making a bold statement. I was a little scared to go dark at first but so glad I did!

Last year I spotted this French Bulldog statue at a local nursery but was sold out when I went back to buy it. My mom found the same exact one and gave it to me for Christmas this year. IT MAKES ME SMILE SO BIG, lol. I really would love two of them to set at my exterior entrance, one on either side of the door, but I’m worried someone my steal them, so until I can figure out a way to bolt them to the concrete, one will just sit inside by the door 🙂

Sending you lots of smiles today!

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