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Completely Gratuitous Outfit Post





What I’m Wearing

* DIY white v-neck t-shirt dress …DIY HERE
* Black American Apparel leggings
* Twenty8Twelve jacket/blazer …from
* no brand scarf last seen here
* Velvet Angels Naked Lunch Wedge Bootie
* Ferragamo bag
* Tom Ford Sunglasses
* Hair: vintage beaded bow clip …seen here

Grammy Talk
* I totally cried through Gaga + Elton’s duet. Yes, cried.

* On Beyonce’s performance : Loved her dress : Loved when she grabbed her crotch : Wondering lately why her gestures resemble the dramatics of & Whitney Houston & Stevie Wonder : Wishing I could watch Jay-Z watch Beyonce’s performance : UM THE ALANIS MORRISETTE SEGUAY …AND THEN THE SAXOPHONES? AND THEN THE HEAD SWINGING ON ALL FOURS? ummmmmmm. confusion.

* On Pink: Loved her outfit …when she removed the top layer I thought it was far more revealing than Britney’s “Satisfaction” getup that she got so much slack for : but Pink, if you want to be a Cirque performer, you can just go to Vegas, I’m sure they’ll give you a job : Was it necessary to baptize the audience mid performance? : Standing O-vay …really?

* I’m sorry but I just do not care about Country music or any awards for it. pass.

* Was it me or was there an overall Futuristic/Mad Max/Warrior/Soldier thing going on with most performances/back up dancers?

* Okay, I take back what I said about Country music …Lady Antebellum was good. kinda

* Robert Downey Jr. can do no wrong …and then he announced Jamie Foxx. First thought: Really? …but then it was semi-entertaining and I liked his choice of thicker dancers. And then SLash came out playing November Rain. …and the performance went from an 8 to a 10 instantly.

* I’m sorry Taylor Swift, I just don’t get the hype. Of the 10 songs you got to sing, I’m not sure you hit any of the notes you were supposed to. I mean, you had the priveledge to sing a duet with Stevie Nicks and were flat all of it except your harmonies with her {which were nice actually} …Stevie Nicks, on the other hand = is an amazing talent. I would DIE to sing Rhiannon with her on stage.

* Oh Lionel Richie, your speech & introduction of …BEYONCE’S BOOBS, BEYONCE’S BOOBS


…Michael Jackson’s tribute was great.

* Dammit, no 3d glasses.

* Holy headache, where are my 3d glasses!?!?! …but it sounds so nice …horses …wales …snicker* I LOVE when they show the audience, full of musicians/celebrities all seriously staring at the stage in their 3d glasses.


* Isn’t it funny how Michael Jackson worked so so hard at protecting the identity of his children and now that he’s gone …straight exploitation ….and was it just me or could they not have been weirder? I mean, what was I expecting I guess?

* Bon Jovi, why do you sound country? …and who is that horrid woman singing with you? …oh wait, she was at the Presidential Inauguration annoying me. No?

* Mos Def, I love you.

* Rihanna’s new boyfriend is young but super cute.

* Mary J Blige you sounded better than ever, I couldn’t really make out actual words but it was beautiful.

* Adam Sandler, no matter what you say, I. will. laugh.

* Dave Mathews, I try so hard not to like you but that voice is kinda sexy.

* Why did Beyonce & Jay Z not kiss when she won? They instead opted for an awkward cheek kiss/hug …but then she thanked “her husband” in her quickie speech. confused.


* Jeff Bridges …you always make me smile


…and then I literally laughed out loud.

* Quentin Tarantino, what is going on, seriously.

* John Legend, your voice, seriously, you voice.

* WHAT!?!??! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, TAYLOR SWIFT AGAIN?!?!?!? Seriously, the girl who can’t hit a note? Come on with it.

* Oh good, back to John Legend’s voice to sooth my anger.

* The End.

* OH WAIT : this totally looks like my feather dress {Feather skirt diy here}


* Yes, I should have just twittered this last night …but I started the Grammys 30 minutes in so I could skip through Country the commercials & NY had already seen it. I had no choice.



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