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A Hidden Storybook House in the Hills

As I was driving home Friday afternoon, looking for a sunny patch to take my outfit photos, I found this little hidden treasure purely by accident. I usually just stay on Beverly Glen from Mulholland and take it into the Valley but instead decided to make a right on Coy Drive which in the past, have always taken to avoid traffic …but today was more of a scenic drive.

beverly  glen mullholland coy drive camino de la cumbra-la

As I pulled to a stop sign at Camino De La Cumbra where I would normally make a left to continue down the road, I spotted a great little sunny spot where the road dead-ended ahead and pulled over and put my hazards on.

3567 camino de la cumbra-storybook-house-LA-sherman-oaks-hills-historic-land

It was a seemingly quiet street until I got out of the car and began setting up my camera and snapped my first three shots. The hill was steep so all shots where blurry but it wasn’t until I looked at them on my camera that I realized the house behind me wasn’t what you would call a typical house. At that same moment, a car pulled behind mine, parked and three men got out. We exchanged hello/how are yous {to which one replied, better now that you’re here} and they continued walking towards the dead end. I was mesmerized by the house but as I watched them I realized in the distance there was a historic landmark sign …which I would have explored had they not been there. {cut to a horror movie rape scene}

3567 camino de la cumbra-storybook-house-LA-sherman-oaks-hills-historic

The spot was no longer worthy of an outfit post but I did manage to get some great shots of this hidden house which looks to be straight out of a storybook.

3567 camino de la cumbra-storybook-house

I may just have to go back and explore a bit more.

3567 camino de la cumbra-storybook-house-LA

Does anyone know any history behind it? {3567 Camino De La Cumbra}

Update: Thanks to an awesome anonymous commenter who did “a little sleuthing” you can find more information about this fairytale house here California


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