Crocs Fall 2011 Outfits my style

Cozy Weekend Style

cat eye sunglasses -blonde hair-weekend style-sipping on an ice blended coffee

What I’m Wearing
* Thrifted over sized turtleneck sweater… seen here with one of my favorite maxi dresses.
* Foldover yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret.
* Gold hoops, gold D&G watch & a few bangles
* SEAH leather wrap bracelet in orange with Gemini & Pisces symbols for my husband and I {courtesy of SEAH} and I’m so grateful because I love it! I love the style and I love that it’s meaningful to my husband and I. I call it my “Lovers” bracelet.
* Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses.
* Jigsaw London woven leather tote bag.
* HUGE ANIMAL-LIKE FURRY BOOTS by Crocs… courtesy of Crocs.

It’s been super chilly in LA lately… but I suppose since it’s almost Winter, it makes sense. Still, when I go to Coffee Bean a few times a week, the ONLY drink I’ll ever order, even if it were snowing, is an ice-blended mocha-no whip {because I hate whip cream} but with a whip cream top. The last time I was at my favorite new branch, I told them the flat tops squirted all over my face when I sucked… then blushed and murmured “that’s what she said” while searching through my wallet. I couldn’t help it. But I got a giggle out of the dude so it was well worth it. Needless to say, they know my order now without me even asking.

I’m not going to lie, when I received an email from Crocs offering to send me a pair of boots to try out, I laughed out loud. Me? Crocs? NEVER. I decided to click on the link anyway just because the word “boots” intrigued me. I was 100% certain Crocs only made those hideously bright plastic holy garden clogs that children and old people wear {sorry mom ;}. And when I entered the site, my jaw dropped. They actually have some really cute styles now! I know, I know… I can’t believe I’m saying it either, but I haven’t taken my new furry friends off since I got them! Well, that’s not entirely true, but lately, if you catch me at home, they’re wrapped around the lower half of my legs {like right now, as I type this}. They’re more like Uggs than like slippers but lighter and probably great for the snow as well, though I wouldn’t know in LA.

I may or may not have gotten a pair of bright pink moon boots for Delilah as well. She’s gonna squeal with delight!

weekend style-big cozy sweater-cofee

orange leather wrap bracelet -nails-coffee-accessories

Cozy croc furry boots-weekend style

seah watches astrological bracelet-orange double wrap leather bracelet

crocs furry boots

crocs boots-seah watches bracelet-weekend style-cozy furry boots

Happy Saturday!


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