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flowers in hair_in hand

I’ve had this idea for a while now… of having floating flowers in my hair, giving the feeling that I was just walking along a beautiful tree-lined path and as the trees swayed in the breeze, little flowers fell, perfectly taking residence in my hair in the most whimsical way possible… and then I frolicked the day away in slow-motion, singing in perfect pitch with woodland creatures.

Tree Lined Path

But this is real life, and the chance of that happening is slim to none. HOWEVER, recreating the look is rather simple and though my flowers are just a teensy bit larger than I’d suggest using {because they’re all I had on hand when I finally decided to make them} all but one stayed in my hair throughout the day {without any products added like hair spray, etc.}, walking and picnicking in an actual breeze {for a few hours anyway while I styled a few photoshoots for work}, and you can create them too and quite easily, in just a few steps and for just a few dollars.

floating flowers in hair

Of course if you’re wearing an undo, you can simply pin in flowers or poke stems into twists and braids, but I wanted the look of floating flowers in loose waves… Remember those little gems we all wore in our hair in the ’90s…? It will come as no surprise to you that I still have mine, of course… and I pulled inspiration for how to make these floating hair flowers work from those – using velcro. Here’s how I did it….

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Tiny Floating Hair Flowers

  • Tiny faux flowers
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or E6000 adhesive {though hot glue works totally fine}
  • Velcro: just the hook side


DIY Tiny Floating Hair Flowers_1

Cut your flowers from their stems as close to the base as possible without losing petal layers. If you need o glue them together so they stay put, feel free.

DIY Tiny Floating Hair Flowers_2

Using only the hook; the stiff, prickly, and rough side of the velcro, cut narrow strips, then into small circles.

You can also choose to buy the pre-cut velcro rounds, but sometimes I find they don’t stick as well.

DIY Tiny Floating Hair Flowers_4

Glue the velcro rounds to the backs of your tiny flowers and let dry.

And that’s it!

DIY Floating Hair Flowers

Hair Tips for application and staying power:
  • Decide where you want your flowers, asymmetry is better than having them match up perfectly on each side, so stagger them a bit.
  • When applying to hair, tug at the end of the section you want so it’s a bit taught, then sort of rubbing your velcro backed flower up and down and into position so it can grab the hairs a bit and stay put. Hair is supposed to be messy, not perfect.
  • If hair is greasy, they won’t attach as well. Use dry shampoo to add a little texture and hair spray to hold if your hair is too soft and silky for them to stay in.

And… Voila!

little flowers floating in her hair

floating flowers in her hair

DIY floating hair flowers_napping_picnic

Have Fun!

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