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DIY Gold Snake Belt & Home Decor Accent From a Toy

diy gold snake belt featured 2

When I started thinking about my DIY Gold Snake Shoes and went to the local toy store to find the perfect snakes, I also bought a longer/larger snake with the idea of making a belt out of it. And then it seemed like an infinite amount of time passed as I tried to think of the perfect way to create a buckle for it. Finally the other day I thought, well I’ll just use it as a fun home decor piece so I photographed the “materials” for my before shot and opened up my rubber snake. Because I’m stubborn, I still decided to give it a try as a belt and around my waist it went and to my surprise, all I had to do was wrap the tail around the body beyond the head and the rubber simply stuck to itself. It didn’t need a buckle to be worn as a belt at all!

I was particularly excited by the fact that not only is this project supremely easy, it turned out to be a pretty chic belt and without a buckle in the way, I can still use it as a fun decor piece when I’m not wearing it.

What You’ll Need…

DIY Gold Snake Belt + decor

* Gold spray paint
* Wiggly Rubber snake, the longer the better. I used the Five Foot Super Snake which came with another little guy I thought I’d make a bracelet out of 🙂

Only One Step… well, two

DIY Gold Snake Belt + Home decor

* Spray paint back of snake and let dray… then do the same to the front. That’s it!

OPTIONAL: Use tiny crystal gemstones for the eyes, tongue or to add some sparkle along the body.


And… Voila!

DIY Gold Snake Belt

DIY Gold Snake Belt- leather pants

The trick is all in the wrapping… begin with the snake head facing down, whichever way that falls naturally, then leave about 2 or 3 inches and begin tightly wrapping the tail end around the larger body and let the remainder hang long. You can also create a knot of sorts, like you would with a belt that is too long.

My waist is about 27″ so this will fit a wide range of waists, though if you’re much smaller than me, you can probably look for a shorter snake. The rubber consistency is what you’re looking for and a larger top half than bottom.

DIY Gold Snake Belt  from rubber toy snake

I’ll do a full outfit post tomorrow…


Use it as a home decor accent when you’re not wearing it!

DIY Gold snake decor-brass coffee table+books+eduardo garza west elm box

Black crystal box ~ Eduardo Garza for West Elm {Remember my DIY Coral Sculptures inspired by Eduardo Garza?} Also seen: DIY Lanvin Leather Butterfly Pins and Alexa Chung “IT”

DIY Gold snake decor accent + belt

DIY gold snake home decor accent

gold snake diy home decor accent

diy gold snake home decor

DIY gold snake shoes and belt

Have Fun!

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