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DIY Home State Art Print – Framed

DIY home state art framed print- feature

Today’s DIY is by Michele Redmon ~ And I love it! Can’t wait to try it!

It’s ironic that I should be the one to do this project, since I was always so eager to leave my home state. But as Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.” You can hate it, leave it, but there seems to always come a time when you miss it. This DIY is an incredibly simple and versatile homage to whichever state(s) you call home. For me, that’s Indiana.

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What You’ll Need..

DIY Home State Art Framed

  • Medium-weight paper for the backing and state template
  • Paper for the state (I used gold wrapping paper)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil for tracing
  • A printed outline of your state(s) also on medium-weight paper (You can find your US state outline here)
  • Additional material as desired


1. Cut out the outline of your state. This will serve as your template. Good luck with this, Alaska.

2. Trace your state on the paper you chose. NOTE: You will need to trace it backwards so when you turn the paper over it’ll be facing the correct way.

3. Glue your state to the backing paper. (Do not use liquid glue!! It will wrinkle and bubble. I used a glue stick.)

This is where you can get creative. Add a dot to your hometown. Draw icons for your favorite landmarks. Add the coordinates of your actual home. Add a phrase or quote only people from your state would understand. No townies!


And… Voila!

DIY Home State Art Framed


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Have Fun!

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Michele Watson

American expat living in Japan. Military wife and mother of two adorable boys and one temperamental cat. She blogs at, where shares a little bit of everything, including life overseas, family, health, fitness, fashion and more! She's been featured on Huffington Post, Babble and now Maegan!!

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