DIY Jeweled Bandana ~ Hair Tie, Choker Necklace, Scarf, Headband

jeweled bandana hair accessory diy

I love a good bandana moment in my hair… it always reminds me of ’80s Madonna, and Desperately Seeking Susan and big messy hair and all things fun! But the bandana around the neck as a sort-of scarf-choker look popped up on fashion blogs and magazines last year and all I could think of was every single ’80s movie, EVER, from party scenes to casual walks around the park, women were wearing them in some form or another… and who can forget Punky Brewster!?!. It’s so fun to watch trends come back and leave and back again, and it’s definitely a trip watching it all happen in real time, if that makes any sense at all. {Translation: I’m old AF}

DIY Jeweled Bandana Inspiration Marie Claire magazine augus 2016

When I saw this cute girl with a jeweled scarf in Marie Claire magazine at the beginning of August, I knew I wanted to make my own version with a bandana and I love the way it turned out.

In searching for similar bandanas to include in this post, I just found this jeweled bandana choker necklace by Rendor and Steel $88, which is so similar, but so totally different and comes in black or white… but had no idea it existed until now, a week after making mine, I love that!

It’s a simple DIY that you can really create on any material or any scarf with any gems you like and then you can wear it in your hair, around your neck, on your wrist, hanging from your bag, anywhere really.

What You’ll Need…

DIY Jeweled Bandana Scarf Choker Headband-1

* Bandana or square scarf
* Assorted sew-on jewels {I broke apart an old bracelet for some of my gems!}
* Matching thread / needle / scissors

TIP: Felt is so the rogue beads won’t roll off the table!


DIY Jeweled Bandana Scarf Choker Headband-2

Fold your bandana in half and into a triangle…

DIY Jeweled Bandana Scarf Choker Headband-3

Starting at the point, fold it about and inch and a half…

DIY Jeweled Bandana Scarf Choker Headband-4-1

Continue folding until you get to the edge and pin in place…

Allow about 2-4 inches on each end…

DIY Jeweled Bandana Scarf Choker Headband-5

And stitch the area in between in place so it stays put!

DIY Jeweled Bandana Scarf Choker Headband-6

Try on your bandana around your neck and around your head and mark/pin approximately where you want your jewels to begin and end.

Remove, and lay out your jewel design… Carefully hand stitch in place, making sure NOT to sew through the opposite side so you can wear it on the side without jewels if you want too!

DIY Jeweled Bandana Scarf Choker Headband-7

And… Voila!

DIY Jeweled Bandana Scarf Choker Headband-18

jeweled bandana choker scarf diy

DIY Jeweled Bandana Scarf Choker Headband-19

jeweled bandana neck scarf choker diy

jeweled bandana hair tie

Get the look, shop below…

Have Fun!

* Find all my DIYs here!

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