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DIY Leather Flower Drink Coasters

DIY Leather Flower Coasters_Zac Posen_Ecco Domani

Inspired by the beautiful Zac Posen summer floral bottle for Ecco Domani‘s Pinot Grigio, I created these fabulously stylish yet also whimsical coasters to complement it. They’re surprisingly easy to make and finished in just a few steps. I tested the paint pen with condensation and water overnight, and both the leather and the silver ink held up wonderfully.

While I think they’re most chic done in black and silver and tied up with a lime green ribbon to mimic Zac’s Kiko floral design on the bottle, you can make them in any color leather or faux leather that matches your home or table decor. Better yet, make and give them as a hostess gift, including the fabulous limited edition Ecco Domani Zac Posen Pinot Grigio bottle, of course.

DIY Leather Flower Coasters_Posen_Domani

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What You’ll Need…

DIY Leather Flower Coasters_3

  • Leather or Faux Leather
  • Silver Paint pen
  • Scissors or blade {whichever you prefer}
  • Flower template… or create your own!
  • Grease pencil


Download your flower template, print it out at about 125%-130%, and cut your flower from the paper.

DIY Leather Flower Coasters_

Using your grease pencil, trace your pattern on the back side of your leather or faux leather.

Cut your leather flowers out with scissors or a blade and trim off the excess to clean up the edges.

DIY Leather Flower Coasters_1

Dot your paint pen on a piece of paper first to make sure the paint is at the tip… and rather than drawing out a flower all at once, follow the steps below to create a graphic that lines up perfectly with very little mistakes. See the image for visuals.

1. Find the center of your flower and create a circle or swirl about the size of a nickel.
2. Following the dips in your flower edges, draw straight lines out from the center to match up.
3. Finish your flower by connecting the lines with with a half circle.

DIY Leather Flower Coasters_2

You don’t need a ruler for this if you do each step at a time, but use one if you prefer.

DIY Leather Flower Coasters_Zac Posen_Ecco Domani Wine

Let them dry and you’re done!

Mine dried in minutes, but just to be safe, allow them to dry for at least an hour before setting anything on them or stacking them on top of each other.

And… Voila!

DIY Leather Flower Coasters_Ecco Domani Wine Zac Posen Bottle_1

Zac Posen Ecco Domani Wine Bottle_Flower Coasters_1

DIY Leather Flower Coasters_ED ZP wine

Have Fun!

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* Grab the limited edition Zac Posen bottle for Ecco Domani while you can!

This post is brought to you by Ecco Domani. All opinions and DIYs are my own.


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