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DIY Snowflake Tree Topper with Pipe Cleaners

DIY snowflake pipe cleaner tree topper

Yes, ANOTHER PIPE CLEANER TREE TOPPER!! I obviously can’t get enough. They’re just too easy and too fabulous! While I do love this one, it’s a bit difficult to photograph and almost looks like it needs another, smaller, snowflake in front of it. But I like it. I used the same technique as my GEO Ornaments DIY to create it. I also added a white snowflake ornament to the center of it simply by twisting a white pipe cleaner around it.

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Only one more Christmas DIY for this series {tomorrow} and then I’ll get back to more fashion and home DIYs.


What You’ll Need…

DIY pipe cleaner christmas ornaments-1

  • Metallic pipe cleaners
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire {I used 21.9m} optional, but makes it easier



DIY Snowflake Tree Topper-2

Follow the same steps as you did in my GEO Christmas Ornaments, only using whole pipe cleaners instead of halves.

1. Bend one pipe cleaner into a square {or rectangle} and close it by wrapping wire around the ends. Bend the four others into open bottom triangles.
2. Attach your open triangle to each corner of your square by simply bending the ends up.
3. Now pinch your two opposite triangles together and secure them at the top by twisting your wire around them.
4. And finish by doing the same thing to the opposite side.

NOTE: Your triangles will both come together opposing ways, make sure when you bend your edges over the square in step two, you do so that they face each other and are “hidden” from the outside.

DIY Snowflake Tree Topper-3

Make six diamonds to complete a pretty snowflake look.

DIY Snowflake Tree Topper-4

Grab your wire, and cut about 10″ of it to use.

DIY Snowflake Tree Topper-5

Wrap your wire around the centers of your diamonds, securing them tightly enough that they stand on their own.

DIY Snowflake Tree Topper-6

Use a pipe cleaner to finish off your center look, then twist it in the back, leaveing the ends open so you can twist it easily onto your tree top.

DIY Snowflake Tree Topper-7

It will look something like this! {note: I added a white snowflake ornament to the center using a pipe cleaner to give a little more dimension, but it’s cute without it too} If your tree is smaller, you can cut your pipe cleaners in half to make a smaller snowflake topper. You can cut them even smaller and make little snowflake ornaments for the tree as well.


And… Voila!

And with the snowflake in the center…

DIY snowflake tree topper- 1 pipe cleaners

DIY pipe cleaner tree topper-snowflake


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Have Fun!

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