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Dressing Up Shorts -with tights- for Work

shorts and tights and a sweater and boots+shorts for work+dressed up shorts+vintage scarf and bag+rosegold gray ankle boots+blue

dressed up shorts+shorts with tights+sweater and boots+sunset in L.A.+long blonde waved hair+dirt road+rocky road

shorts and tights and boots+rocks and vintage gucci

black and white blue eye+earrings+sharp

shorts and tights and boots+gray cashmere sweater+vintage gucci bag+the hills of LA

gray ankle boots on gray rocks with black tights

dressed up shorts+gray and black and taupe+sunset+the hills+los angeles+vintage scarf+cashmere sweater

What I’m Wearing
* Gray DKNY cashmere sweater …I found this in my husband’s closet a few years ago and he hasn’t gotten it back {he won’t wear it anyway} …last seen here
* Taupe shorts {though they look peach because my car headlights are on me, they’re not} …from Victoria’s Secret two Summer’s ago …seen once here in the Summer
* American Apparel shiny black stirrup tights {AA wins for tights man. Sturdy, warm, not too fracking tight around the waist}
* Vintage black silk scarf tied in a bow
* Nichole Miller crystal rhinestone drop ball earrings …from GILT – which added a bit of fancy to the look I thought 😉
* Rosegold gray ankle boots {serious love for these} – also from GILTlast seen here
* Vintage Gucci bag

Now it seems like every time I look at Lookbook.nu, the first five on the “hot” list are skinny-legged girls clad in tights and ripped up denim shorts {but of course, not today when I’m trying to make a point!}. While I don’t mind the look, I’ve often thought a woman, like me, {heh heh} was beyond the age where that was appropriate. But when the outfit I thought I was going to wear this morning went all wrong in the pants section, I eyeballed my shorts, which just so happen to be in my “tights” drawer, got the lightbulb above my head and somehow pulled the look together. And you know what? I really liked it. It felt age appropriate -mostly, though an older man looked at me and said “You look so cute!” lol

shorts and tights to work+dressed up shorts with tights and boots

I drive by this row of mailboxes daily …and almost every time I pass it I think about pulling over and shooting an outfit post but I never do. Today however, I finally did …but the sun was so bright due to the time change, it washed out the very very cool blue wall embedded with quaint tiled addresses & silver mailboxes. I tried anyway but after I shot 3, I realized a guard dog not too far away which was now the second strike against me so I decided to pack it up and leave …quickly. Sad because I still love the location. It’s literally at the top of the hill, just before Mulholland, and the only patch of land that the sun hits at 4:20 in the afternoon whilst driving home. As you see above, the rest of the shots are just prior to sunset & down the canyon on the other side of Mulholland. I’m adjusting to the time change.

Last year at this time, I was taking my outfit shots in the morning on the way to work …and I may just have to start doing that again. Though my sleepy head doesn’t want to lift off that pillow any sooner than it has to.


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