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Inkblot & the End of the Celebratory Sugar High

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What I’m Wearing
* Leyendecker inkblot dress …GILT SALE today ..unfortch this one shoulder beauty is sold out but I also have the three below which still are available and I adore them all! {wear the fringe dress belted as a top too}

Leyendecker Fringe Dress Leyendecker woven whip stitch dress Leyendecker ballet skirt

* Pour La Victoire cut out platform
* Satin headband with long ties hanging
* Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses

Feeling a bit thicker after my birthday week of indulging copious amounts of peach rings, cake and ice cream, I think it’s time to end the celebratory sugar high.

As for birthdays, up until you your thirties, people always ask “How does it feel …to be {insert age here}?” and up until your thirties it really doesn’t feel any different …or didn’t for me anyway. But now, at a time when no one asks anymore, it actually does feel different.

Not only by the expectations you had for your future life {which is now your present life} but by the way your body looks and feels. I don’t feel 34 because I’m not exactly sure how 34 feels BUT I know something’s different. I know I’m not in my 20’s any more and other than the aging body {your skin feels different} and lines deepening in my face, I love my 30’s.


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