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Evil Mrs Peppers

Is it wrong that I am almost 32 (not to mention, female) and can’t wait to get home from work to play X-box? Is it wrong that I have my own bubble-gum pink controller? Is it wrong that when my husband hooked it up in the master bedroom (because this is our second x-box in the same house) I got mad at him for ruining the feng sui of the room? Is it wrong that all I want to do is get home, slip into something a little more comfortable, sign into my account and start playing?

I love having an online account and getting to chat with all the other gamers – well, friends – while playing Burnout, Paradise City. I love that every time one of our friends signs on, a little icon appears that says [EVIL MR PEPPERS IS NOW ONLINE]. You really can keep track of what everyone is doing/playing and when. My favorite game (for right now) is Boogie Bunnies. OMG! The sound effects can take away any bad mood and turn it into giggles and smiles.

Is it wrong that gaming is the only thing (besides my husband and doggies) that is making me happy because I get to think about only IT …nothing else? It’s a stress-reliever, for sure, and anyone who says otherwise, including statements like GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY, are certainly coming from the mouths of people who have never even picked up a video game controller.

I think it’s fab!

it must be noted that I used to sneak into my (younger)brother’s room and play his Nintendo ..FOR HOURS. I also used to get really upset when I lost and would bite the corner of the controller then tell him the dog did it. He knew it was me though. Even at a young age my brother could tell the difference between human teeth marks and a dogs. *snicker

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