Food Cheat Sheet: Lettuce Varieties & Names

I love lettuce. I love salads… and though I do not love to cook, I do make a mean salad. However, I only know about three different lettuce varieties by name, and they include: Romaine, Iceberg and Spinach. With snazzy food packaging these days, luckily I don’t really have to know what each lettuce is specifically because I can just buy a bag of “Spring Mix” which contains all the pretty leaves I like to eat & call it a day. But while at a friend’s house last weekend, when I referred to my favorite lettuce variety as “the rooty one”, I thought it may be time to actually learn what each was. Because I’m a visual creature and you are too, I created this little lettuce variety cheat sheet to reference when I need to.

lettuce varieties with photos and names

* Put those Greens on Rotation has great info on why we should eat a varied plant based diet.

* Steamy Kithcen has all the info on each lettuce variety, if you’re interested {which is where I pulled the info and photos from – though I merged the two and matched up the names & created the imagery myself}

Happy Sunday!


Maegan Tintari

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