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Glam Feather Accessories DIY Collar & Anklets

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I gladly accepted New York Design Shop’s Create Couture DIY Blogger Challenge who then sent me & 9 other DIYers a box of goodies to get creative with and this is one of mine.


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* about 20″ of feather fringe {depending on ankle size}
* satin ribbon
* needle & thread


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* wearing the shoes you want to accessorize, use the feather fringe to measure your ankles

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* snip accordingly

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* make sure the feathers curve down not out and up

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* cut 4 ribbons about 20″ long each & singe the ends to prevent fraying

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* fold ribbons over ends of feather fringe & hand-stitch securing ribbon & feathers in place

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* wrap ribbons around ankles and tie in back snipping off extra length if necessary

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And since the white feathers may look like little feather dusters around your ankles and would best be worn on Halloween with a French Maid costume, I recommend using the black feather fringe and wearing them over your favorite black booties or sandals with tights for Fall.


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* layer rhinestone necklaces around the top & wear one or both around your neck

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* if they’re a little too over the top glam for you, they would be perfect as part of your Lady GaGa Halloween costume

* also may be worn around your head, waist or upper arms, tied onto your bag, wrapped around a wide-brimmed hat, or around your pet 😉

Pug+feathers costume

Have fun!


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