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DIY Halloween Costume // How-to Cinderella Makeup + Hair Tutorial

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It’s true I’ve been dressing up as Disney characters since I was an infant due to my mom’s deep admiration of the “Mouse”, but before they were labeled “princesses” I wanted to be every one of Disney’s leading ladies, and of them all, Cinderella was my favorite. I guess I just have a soft spot for a rags to riches story rooted in finding your one true love. And though I’ve had a love/hate relationship with fairy tales as an adult, it doesn’t change the fact that I love dressing up now just as I did when I was a little girl.

A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes… and today, the dream that I wished came true. This is my take on a modern day Cinderella look, from everyday hair and makeup to an evening princess look inspired by Disney Classic Cinderella Movie.

Let’s Start with Makeup…

* See photos of my finished Cinderella Costume for Modern Day

Cinderella, as with most Disney Princesses, keeps it “real” with natural makeup. These are the products and tools I used to achieve the look.

applying makeup

My makeup application for Cinderella was the same as my everyday beauty makeup routine, making it very easy. I added a bit more color to my lids for extra depth and a swipe of light pink blush on the apples of my cheeks for a sweeter look.

For steps on achieving this look go to My Everyday Beauty Routine

adding false eyelashes

Applying big faux lashes takes your everyday makeup and gives it that extra princess boost you need.

cinderella brushing her hair

A screencap still from Disney’s original animated movie showing Cinderella brushing her hair.

curling hair

Give your hair some texture and volume by waving it with an iron or using hot rollers. This is the first step for getting Cinderella hair.

pink lip gloss

Cinderella either has naturally glossed lips or a light pink lipstick. Either will work.


Beyond hair and makeup, these key accessories will instantly turn you into Cinderella without the help of a fairy godmother. I used a black satin ribbon as a choker, a white satin headband, and big white pearl cluster earrings for my look. You can also use a wide satin ribbon in your hair if you don’t have a headband; as long as it’s white, silver, or light blue, it will work. As for the earrings, look for gems that are large but stationary and not dangly.

TIP: I found my white satin headband in the wedding section of my local craft store for about $4 (and my earrings are from my 90’s homecoming dance)

And… Voila! Modern Day Cinderella with hair down…

cinderella hair down

Here’s a finished look at my hair and makeup for my modern day casual Cinderella look.

cinderella hair down costume
Obviously, this costume is easiest if you already have long blonde hair, otherwise, you can probably find a wig in a similar up-do.

* See photos of my finished Cinderella Costume for Modern Day

Now for Cinderella’s Traditional Hair from the Movie…

Below is the photo I used for inspiration when creating Cinderella’s magical hairdo from the movie.

Begin with your textured waves as a base. You’ll need large and small bobby pins, a brush to tease it a bit, and hair spray.

cinderella hair how-to-1
First separate a large front section of hair and clip it up.

cinderella hair how-to-1-2
Grab your hair and begin by holding it in a ponytail at the middle of the back of your head.

cinderella hair how-to-2-bird
Twist your ponytail tightly…

cinderella hair how-to-3
Pin it up into a semi-French twist. You’ll need large bobby pins to secure it into place.

cinderella hair how-to-4
Leave the length of your hair emerging from the top/center of your twist.

cinderella hair how-to-4-1
Tease and hair spray it for lift and texture … and let dry.

TIP: There are a number of products you can use to create a sleeker bun and add volume to your hair if you don’t have it. Try the Amaranth Twist Holder Clip Bun, the Magic Hair Bun Sponge, or even simply create a Sock Bun with a Donut. I was really trying to achieve the front roll look seen in my cartoon inspiration photo, but could have easily used a roll sponge to help out (I just didn’t have one).

cinderella hair how-to-5
Carefully take your teased section and smooth it out, and create a large forward curl/roll with your hands (or helpful bun sponge). Secure with bobby pins, fluff and move hairs to get it right, and set with hairspray.

With the front section seen here, I could have easily just pinned it to the side and created a flat, swoop bang across the front of my forehead, but I really wanted to try to get the originally fluffy front from the movie, so…

cinderella hair how-to-6
I teased what will become the underside of my “bangs” for more lift.

cinderella hair how-to-7
And created a “puff” by bringing it loosely back and pinning one section to the top/center of my head…

cinderella hair how-to-8
With the rest of my hair hanging down, I swept the front pieces over and back and pinned them into place, hiding the opposite side and creating a big thick fluffy “bang”. The section in between your bun and your bangs doesn’t have to look perfect because it will be covered with your headband.

cinderella hair how-to-9-1
Add your headband, use your fingers to move hairs into place, and spritz to finish!

And… Voila! Your magical modern-day Disney Cinderella Princess evening look

Cinderella costume hair tutorial makeup
cinderella hair and makeup tutorial

* See more photos of the finished Cinderella Costume

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