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Inspiration to Fitness Program

We all know it’s true, and hear it every year around the New Year: WE have to take responsibility for our health and exercise habits, and WE must decide to change the way we live our lives every day if we want to become stronger, healthier women. But we don’t have to do it alone.

Let’s choose to focus on creating new healthy habits together — until we are incorporating them into our daily lives as effortlessly as brushing our teeth. Let’s work on reaching weekly fitness goals together, and support each other in our journey. We all want to live longer, more quality lives, so let’s start now!

crunch on ball
* This is my go-to workout gear, my trainer, Lisa Moloshok can vouch!

For the next eight weeks, BlogHer’s Inspiration to Fitness will be posting two exercise tracks that you’ll be able to follow, with weekly challenges set by our fitness leaders. You can choose a track, follow along, and join in the weekly challenges. Participating bloggers will be posting weekly journals of their progress to keep you company — and we encourage you to share your progress and your questions and feedback in the comments! We’re here to help each other.

Meet the fitness team

Ashley is the vegan runner, yogi, CrossFitter and triathlete behind Healthy Ashley. Ashley has created a training plan that will get you from wherever you are now to running a 5k race (3.1 miles). Even if you don’t care to ever compete in a race, Ashley’s weekly goals will help you improve your fitness for whatever physical challenges you come across. She’ll be posting new running goals each Tuesday, and bloggers Melanie from Big Mama and Lorie from Be Different, Act Normal will be blogging their Road to 5K journals on Tuesdays, too.

Alysa Bajenaru, who blogs at inspiredRD, is a personal trainer and registered dietitian, will be your fitness expert for the Healthy Heart track. Taking care of your heart is important, and she will challenge you to live a life of inspiration every Thursday. Bloggers Melissa of 320 * Sycamore and Ashley of Make It and Love It will be blogging their progress toward heart health each Thursday. Crystal of Little Bit Funky will follow by posting her progress every Friday.

Along with our two fitness tracks, we’ll also have weekly Good Eating tips from Julie and Katherine, the nutrition pros behind Appetite for Health. Each Monday, they’ll set the tone by giving you real-world ways to upgrade your diet. They’ll also give you a specific nutrition goal each week.

I’m excited to be heading up the BlogHer’s Inspiration to Fitness Program and ready to learn a few new tips and tricks myself.

For the rest of this week, our fitness and nutrition bloggers will be introducing themselves and sharing the things you can do right now to become healthier, stronger, and more motivated. Then next week, we’ll get started with our two exercise tracks and weekly Good Eating tips. And you can join anytime during the next eight weeks!

So let’s get started! Let’s change our lives this year and become the people we dream about being! If you have any questions at all — or if you’re planning to join us, let me know in the comments. I want to hear from you!

Go to BlogHer’s Inspiration to Fitness daily for your daily dose of motivation!


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