Crocs House Hunting Lake Arrowhead

It’s Official! We’re Homeowners & Moving to a Lake!

crocs, snow boots, cute snow boots
…his and hers snow boots…

Crocs Duck Boots for her & Slip On Duck boots for him

For the past 45 days, we have been in limbo. Getting a loan to buy a house these days is kind of a ridiculous process, so even when it was almost surely a done deal, we held our breath {and our excitement} just in case. It seemed like each week closer to the end of escrow we got, came yet another little bump in the road we had to go around. But finally today, the title of the house was placed in our name and it became officially official.


But with that excitement, also comes TERROR. We both grew up in Los Angeles, in fact, we both grew up on The Valley… the very hot, very dry, very suburban area of LA and though we’ve lived elsewhere in LA {and the husband in Vegas}, we’ve only experienced snow on the rare occasions that we’ve driven up a very steep mountain to see it. The thought of living on a lake and getting to experience seasons is exciting but let’s be honest, we’ve never really had to deal with “real” weather conditions and I’m pretty sure it’s going to snow on and off all Winter long and maybe even in the Spring.

And for the past 45 days, with this snow in mind, I’ve been online searching and shopping for mostly snow boots and jackets and coats and warm fuzzy hats and scarves. Half thinking that I’m going to have to be bundled up like the little brother from A Christmas Story every time I leave the house. No really, I’m not joking. But this can’t be the reality? … right? {but I’m ready with my Crocs duck boots just in case}

We will definitely be out of our element… I’m envisioning every movie ever made about “city folk” moving to the country/small town/lake/cabin/mountains/etc. and hoping our story ends up on the romantic comedy shelf rather than the horror section. EEK!

I cannot WAIT to get in there and start decorating. It’s technically move-in ready, but we may do a few minor things to it before moving in or we may just wait until next Spring/Summer when it’s a little warmer to get started. Also, I like to let a house speak to me visually so I know exactly what will work in it vs forcing something and then hating it a few months later. I have a feeling the coming months if not years, will bring more and more decor inspired posts to this space and I hope you’ll come along with us for the ride.


* * Start from the beginning… read the whole story here and see some house photos too.


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