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Leather Strand Necklace or Decor DIY

Leather wrap necklace DIY


Leather necklace DIY materials

* Leather scraps {thinner leather is better for this}. I used the left-over squares I cut out while making my DIY YSL Cage Sandals …however, you could also use a thick upholstery fabric for this project instead
* Scissors
* Needle & thread, thimble & pliers


Leather necklace DIY 1

* Cut squares {or any shape you’d like} mine were about 1/4″ x 1/2″ but not perfect. I liked the varying sizes for shape and texture.

Leather necklace DIY 2

* With a doubled threaded needle, poke through the end/middle

Leather necklace DIY 3

* Pulling through then, creating a single stitch in the leather, poke it through the end/middle of the other side

Leather necklace DIY 5

* When thread has all been used up, snip & knot it then repeat the process …adding more squares

Leather necklace DIY 4

* Continue process until you reach your desired length. I alternated smooth side with suede side for a better texture, leaving a bit of thread between each so it would hang as a strand.


leather necklace+leather DIY

* Let it hang like a scarf {I’m most excited to wear it this way}

Leather wrap necklace+Leather DIYs

* Create a shorter necklace by wrapping it around several times

Leather squares wrap necklace DIY


* Create several and use them in a doorway -hanging like a beaded curtain
* Decorate the ends of your curtains by hanging them from the rods
* Wrap around your wrist as bracelets
* Get festive colors & use them as runners on your holiday table
* Create your own use!

I love the minimalist yet luxe feeling it has because of the leather which kind of adds a cool factor as well. I can’t wait to wear it.

Have Fun!

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