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DIY Braided Hair Wrap for Ponytail or Headband

DIY double braided hair wrap to cover your ponytail base
I know I just did a DIY Braided Hair Headband, but this seemed like an obvious second choice that may work similarly… and since I’m in a DIY mood lately, I whipped it up in a few minutes because yes, it’s that easy… and you can too!

Although I only show it worn wrapped around the base of my ponytail, which I love, it would actually work as a headband as well IF you simply pin it to your hair behind your ears. It can also work pinned just about anywhere on your head, so get creative! Also, I thought about braiding in a ribbon or thread through it to add some color, but didn’t want to complicate things, but you can certainly do that as well.

When I was a kid I remember my mom having this thick braided hair piece that she called a “fall” (I think), which she had since the ’60s. In fact, she probably still has it… no, I’m positive she still has it. After creating my DIY braided headband last week, I thought about her braid and when I thought about that braid, I thought about the other clip in hair extensions I had and then figured I’d just make a skinny version of it, and add a second braid while I was at it. I’ve clearly been thinking about braids A LOT lately.

So this is a simple DIY that can be worn tons of ways and is a fun piece to have on hand for simple hair styles if you happen to have any hair extensions lying around.

Here’s What You Need…

* 2″ Clip in or sewn hair extension… at least 20″ long
* Scissors
* Tiny clear elastics
* Small bobby pins to wear it

Here’s How You Do It…

1. Snip threads to remove clip from hair extension, if you have one with a clip.
2. Separate hair in two equal sections.
3. Separate one section into 3 sections and braid it.
4. Separate the other section into 3 sections and braid that one… finish off each braid with a tiny clear elastic. That’s it.

NOTE: IF you’re a pro at doing your hair and hair extensions, you can LEAVE THE CLIP ON and clip it within your hair if you know how to conceal it above the ponytail base, leave it out of your ponytail and then wrap it around your base.

Here’s How You Wear It…

There are a number of ways you can pin this to your hair and wrap it around your ponytail, so definitely try a few and do what works best for you. You can even use it within your ponytail so it looks like you’ve braided a piece, just for another fun look.

For this look I…
1. Separated the two braids and pulled my ponytail in between.
2. Criss cross wrapped my braids around the top of the ponytail and around each other and down and did the same on the bottom and back and forth until I completely disguised the black hair ties.
3. Conceal your base hair by either tucking it in or wrapping your braids over it, or both.
4. Secure with bobby pins to finish.

NOTE: I could have done mine a little neater, but I wanted you to see where I bobby pinned it in place. Even though it’s noticeable, it’s not horribly offensive, especially if like me, you like your hair a little messy. But the point is to make it as incognito as possible.

And… Voila!

how to wrap your ponytail with braids
braided ponytail wrap
how to wrap your ponytail base with braids

Have Fun!

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DIY Braided Hair Headband – not a Hair Tutorial

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