Quarantine Style wearing my DIYs

The City’s Cold and Empty

quarantine style outfit - bleach tie dye sweatshirt - dr martens - gucci designer face mask diy

It should be noted that any time I see myself in a mask I feel like somehow it’s an end of days apocalypse outfit, and the cropped pants and docs somehow add to that look with a hint of punk, which makes me giggle a little bit but feels totally appropriate. Also this was last week, when it was still pretty chilly up here but it went from winter to summer overnight and now it’s sundress weather and it’s making me all kinds of happy.

What I’m Wearing…

* DIY Bleach Tie Dye Hoodie Sweatshirt (hoodie from Lee)
* Rust cropped cords by Joe’s Jeans (sold out) – seen here with Vans last fall (and slightly looser, ahem, quarantine chocolate to mouth problem)
* The Marc Jacobs pillow bag (on Sale NOW! AND Shopbop is having a 25% off Sale with code FORYOU
* Le Specs So Fetch sunglasses
* Faux fur lined Dr. Martens

* DIY Hair Braid Headband in hair
* DIY Gucci Mask (like this one) from a vintage dust bag for a vintage Gucci purse I’ve had forever.

* Title: The Weeknd “Blinding Lights”

I’ve been slightly obsessed with this song lately. It started when I was trampoline dancing to it at the beginning of this quarantine and it turned out to be the best workout song because it’s really fast, has a fun 80s vibe and gets my heartbeat up really quickly… and the rhythm keeps me fast dance-bouncing to it to keep up… anyway, I’ve realized the only way to actually dance properly to this song is by full out ’80s dancing (first like Carlton and second like Flashdance… and then the other night I realized that the best possible video for the song would be the actual scene from Flashdance where she’s auditioning because the beat lines up with her moves and the blinding light through the windows is a literal blinding light and well, it just feels right 🙂 Click this link and tap through our singing til the last story to see my superb editing skills, lol – sound on, of course.

The sun is hitting my hair and blowing it out in all kinds of platinum perfection… which of course is not the reality of the situation. Like you, I am in full quarantine regrowth over here with dark roots, though I’m not entirely minding it YET.

One thing I can say about this quarantine is that it’s got me thinking creatively… okay, I should rephrase that actually… it has FORCED me to think creatively in an effort to escape my anxiety ridden coronavirus mind that just won’t quit.

But in the end, that’s a good thing because in the past month I’ve done more DIYs than I did in all of 2019, which gives me a small sense of hope, confidence and accomplishment, even if it did take a quarantine to get back into it. Whatever works, right?

However, the creative focus could also be due to the fact that I am focusing far less on Dogwood at the moment, because thankfully our business partner along with one employee/cook is managing the daily take-out orders like champs, which is another blessing.

Can you see what I’m doing here? I’m trying not to complain about our current reality and instead looking for things to be grateful for because honestly, there are so many. It’s only when my head is stuck on a virus loop that I think everything is horrible and we are all going to die and the world is coming to an end.

Because while that is actually true for many people, which is totally heartbreaking, it is not true for me (hopefully not ever) and that’s what I have to focus on… the good stuff.

In my current reality, the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to wear a dress and even a bikini in the sun. I am healthy. My family is healthy and all of my friends are too. We are lucky to not really have many cases up on the mountain and whether it’s due to social distancing and quarantine or the fact that everyone up here thinks they’ve already had it, doesn’t matter. The fact is, we are healthy. Which is good because I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning due to stress clenching again AND OMG THE POTENTIAL OF NOT BEING IN THIS PAIN IS WORTH THE RISK OF BECOMING INFECTED… I mean, not really, but I have no choice at this point.

I’ve broken the rules a little and gone to visit my mom and stepdad a few times in the last few weeks and it’s been really helpful in so many ways. They’ve been quarantined and so have I so hopefully we’re all good… my main worry, of course, is that since we have no real idea about the contagion of this asshole virus, I don’t want to spread it to them unknowingly, since they could potentially be at a higher risk for it… but you know, we don’t really know anything at all about any of it, which just gets clearer and clearer every day. We all stay outside and a good distance apart though, just in case. Mentally, I think it has helped all of us a little.

Also, while I’ve been mostly dance-bouncing my workouts on my trampoline, it’s now warm enough and stays light late enough to take really nice walks outside in nature, which always ALWAYS helps literally everything. So that’s a blessing as well.

I did happen to accidentally slam my face into the door jam between my bathroom and bedroom the other night, which was SUPER FUN, and it’s still slightly red and swollen and a little painful. I hope that doesn’t make the dentist more painful tomorrow, but anything to get rid of the headaches and jaw and sinus and tooth aches that come with stress clenching is worth it. A little pain now is worth removing all the pain later I guess.

One quarantine day at a time.

The DIY Mask but make it fashion! It’s funny, but actually works. I’m guessing we’re going to start having more masks than one. One for function and one for fashion (or ten for fashion, because duh), this one is fashion, simply because it’s Gucci. And here’s how I made it… folded it the same way I did my DIY bandana mask. If you want to see a video you can find a step by step on my Instagram stories highlights under “face masks“… eventually I’ll actually have to sew a few up. But I have to get my sewing machine working for that, so until then, I’m folding all the things up into masks with hair ties.

Happy Hump Day Lovecats!

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