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The Crystal Workshop Book & The Healing Powers of Crystals

learn about the healing powers of crystals with the crystal workshop book

Confession: I buy crystals because they’re pretty.

But as I am drawn to trees to connect with nature, I am compelled by crystals to ground me to the earth.

I’d like to say that I know what each and every crystal and stone that I have does and what their healing powers are, but truthfully I barely know what their names are. I can usually spot amethyst (purple, jagged crystals), tiger’s eye (brown & amber swirls), selenite (white and clear) and rose quartz (pink with white veins, stands for Love)… but the only metaphysical thing about the crystals I have is that I chose the ones that called out to me with their beauty, radiance and energy, which in my opinion, is actually something.

My intuition is connected to the the beauty of the crystal that shines the brightest or looks the prettiest, which is the exact reason I wanted a copy of this book, The Crystal Workshop, because IT’S BEAUTIFUL and I was drawn to it… or maybe it was drawn to me 🙂

If nothing else, it would look really pretty styled decoratively on a shelf or coffee table but it’s far more than just a pretty face, much like the crystals!

healing with crystals, the crystal workshop book
When I began flipping through it, each page was prettier than the last. As a beautiful photo book, it’s mesmerizing, but beyond the eye-candy, it’s packed full of not only useful information about how to choose crystals and their healing properties and meaning, but author Azalea Lee‘s meditative writing flows like any other self-improvement, self care or positive spiritual mindset book, which is what I love the most about it!

For instance, this little paragraph {I’m paraphrasing below} about the importance of ceremony in our lives and how if we’re present in the little moments, we are part of important micro ceremonies all the time, which makes our lives feel more intentional…

…for it is the action of ceremony that brings a focus to a particular moment, compels those involved to be present with it and results in the creation of a sacred energy in a particular time and space.

Ceremonies become a way to honor all the seemingly minor moments in your life… for every moment is sacred and holds within it a potential for power, but only if you are present enough to honor it.

learn the healing properties and powers of crystals with the crystal workshop book
Over the years I have collected quite a few crystals and stones and received a few as gifts as well. In fact, I think I have even more scattered around the house than seen here in the photos and I have a large desert rose sculpture on the center of my dining room table because I loved its naturally large form and sculptural shape. But again, other than their beauty, I haven’t a clue as to how they can heal… yet!

I have only just begun reading The Crystal Workshop as a book, cover to cover, but have flipped through it a bunch to identify the crystals and stones I already have to see not only what they are but what their healing qualities might be and how I can use them to enhance my life. I want to do more than just admire them…

The book has a so many fun exercises you can do to tap into your own intuition with crystals and stones, but I haven’t gotten to those yet. I’m interested in learning how to cleanse and charge my crystals in the moonlight and why it’s even important. I love how this book totally engages you with your crystals. I have picked mine up and used them more in the last week than ever and paying attention to the energy and feeling I get while holding them has changed the way I look at them!

I know this is probably old news to many people, and I’m late to the crystal healing bus, but better late than never, right?

I really like the jagged and raw stones more than the smooth stones, my fingers are drawn to their rough edges. My therapist uses stones and crystals in our sessions sometimes, which is always enlightening to me and so interesting… I’m often in awe when she does it. I once mentioned I was feeling a little anxious and she stood up and grabbed a really large crystal and handing it to me, instructed me to just hold it in my lap. After a few moments she asked me how I was feeling and I was much calmer and felt lighter as well. She’s also used, what I think was selenite over my head to draw out energies and each time I felt an energetic pull and release. For someone who is a bit empathic and really affected by energy, I wonder why I never really took the time to learn about the healing powers of crystals prior to now. Probably laziness, if I’m honest, but it seems like this quarantine might be the best time ever to start benefiting from their healing properties.

crystals and their healing powers - book
F O L L O W // Azalea Lee in I N S T A G R A M @place8healing

S H O P // She’s also got a beautiful website where you can shop for crystals and so many other things! Not sure if there’s enough time left, but it could be the perfect mother’s day gift!

L I S T E N // Grounding with Hematite Guided Meditation

HEMATITE is one of those multi-purpose stones for anything related to grounding. Not only does it help strengthen energetic boundaries, but by helping to better ground one’s energy, psychic development can be enhanced. The more grounded you are, the better you can open up your psychic eye and other intuitive abilities without getting unbalanced. It’s a great crystal to keep at your desk to tamp down negative electromagnetic smog.

B O O K // You can find The Crystal Workshop book on amazon, but if you’re interested in supporting smaller businesses right now, Azalea Lee has a page dedicated to where you can find the book.

I haven’t gotten very far into the book but I’ve already learned so much!

As you can see, Trevor was really into the crystals as well. This dog just makes me giggle on a regular basis. He’s so aware it’s mind-blowing 🙂

Happy Sunday Lovecats!

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