Lake Arrowhead Quarantine Style wearing my DIYs

To All of The Queens who Are Fighting Alone

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What I’m Wearing…

* Floaty spring dress by Free People
* Straw hat… old – can’t remember where I got this actually, which is surprising, but the tag says Scala Pronto
* Le Specs So Fetch oversized retro sunglasses
* Gold pendant necklace
* DIY Braided Boho Choker in faux suede
* Birkenstocks

* Hair: DIY Braided Ponytail Wrap

* Title: Ava Max – Kings & Queens … this song cracks me up… also, the first time I heard it, I thought it was GaGa… and now watching the video I’m guessing that wasn’t a coincidence… JUST SAYIN …No damsel in distress, don’t need to save me… Once I start breathin’ fire, you can’t tame me… And you might think I’m weak without a sword… But if I had one, it’d be bigger than yours

the new house dress, boho summer dress, adventures in the mountains, lake arrowhead

I’ve noticed that since I have NOT been reading ANY articles or watching ANY news or videos on the stupid Coronavirus or Covid-19 or PANDEMIC, whatever you want to call it, for what seems like a month but has probably only been a week now, and other than the depressing reality I face when I have to leave the house once a week for “essentials”, wearing my mask and seeing everyone else in masks, and cringing every time the man behind me COUGHS into his very old and very thin and barely doubled bandana who is NOT standing on X MARKS THE SPOT behind me at the post office, and the fact that no one can see that I’m smiling at them as if to say HI behind a mask and sunglasses as they pass and then watching the man in the car next to me feverishly rubbing his hands together with what can only be surmised as sanitizer because I am now doing the exact same thing the moment we get back in our cars (except I’m now staring at him from my car as we do it in unison waiting for him to return the gaze and give me that YEAH, WE’RE IN THIS SHIT TOGETHER LOOK, but he doesn’t so I’m just the crazy person staring now)… I feel much better. It’s almost like it doesn’t exist. Out of sight, out of mind? Kind of. Though it’s always lingering in the background not too far away… especially when you have a tooth emergency that sends you to the local hospital 3 times in one week because that’s where both of your dentists are located and MASKS and HAND SANITIZING and OMG DID YOU JUST USE THE SAME GLOVES TO ACCEPT THE DELIVERY FROM FEDEX THAT YOU ARE USING NEAR MY MOUTH? PROBABLY NOT, BUT I’M INSANELY WORRIED ABOUT IT ANYWAY. So yeah, it’s still there…

I think in the beginning, when the collective FEAR-PANIC-FRENETIC energy was pulsing through the air, and through all of us, waiting woefully on death’s doorstep, we couldn’t imagine that just a few weeks later it would turn to sadness and depression and then a few weeks after that to ANGER AND RAGE and then a few weeks after that to just … YOU KNOW WHAT CORONAVIRUS?!?!?!?! I’M OVERRRRRRRR THIS SHIT and NOW IT’S TIME TO TRY TO LIVE as normally as possible because what is life otherwise? Fifty five days later and here we all are, no zombies, alive and well and LOSING OUR DAMN MINDS! And our teeth… Well, I am anyway.

I was not doing any better mentally or staying any “safer” physically by knowing every little detail about every new discovery or theory the moment it was released, I just knew it. In fact, (and I’m stealing this from someone or somewhere else, which I cannot remember) it felt like I was cramming for a test every single day that never seemed to pop up. It did not help to read the ridiculous facebook posts and debate on whether or not to share my opinion on the matter, because WHO REALLY CARES!?!? No one. And I’m aware enough to know that my opinion is also probably not going to change anyone’s mind on the matter, so why even waste the energy? But needless to say, I feel better now, NOT knowing. NOT checking the updates. NOT looking at the numbers. Because also, we don’t even know for sure if they’re correct or what is the actual truth about anything at all. So there’s that. I’m better off not knowing at this point.

Do I think we should re-open the world? Yes and No. I’m on the fence about it.

There’s a lot of talk about second waves, but the hospitals should be ready for it now because we flattened the curve and they seemingly know so much more about it now and have all the ventilators (that probably make things worse, according to some docs, and meds that may or may not work and blah blah blah). Should there be rules and regulations? Yes, 100%, because the people who think this is all fake are all at the beach dancing and frolicking on the sand and in the water, NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING and I’m jealous of them in a way But also, the Type A in me is screaming JUST FOLLOW THE RULES! But they’re out there NOT doing their part because you know, they’re better than the rest of us and USA and MERICA and RIGHTS and FREEDOM bullshit. DO I think it’s safer to be out in the warm sun and fresh air? Yes and in that case, I also don’t think masks are necessary OUTDOORS as long as there is a limited amount of people and they are staying far away from each other… But people don’t like to follow rules. And so even stricter rules then come into place, just setting us back further.

Do I want to open Dogwood Tavern to the public again? Yes and no… yes because we haven’t paid rent in two months and I don’t know what that’s going to mean for our future. Yes because our takeout sales for April didn’t even equal enough to PAY THE RENT. We have one employee and one owner working and have cut back on all of our necessary expenses and are managing just enough to get by. Yes because I want to feel normal again and yes because people NEED to feel normal again and have fun. But also, NO because SECOND WAVE and GERMS and FIRST RESPONDERS and HEALTHCARE WORKERS and, and, and… Obviously.

But where does it end? When will it be the right time?

If it’s like any other cold or flu virus, there will never be a vaccine, just like we don’t have one for the cold or flu currently… yes, I know, flu shots, blah, blah, blah, but apparently they’re always a year behind, only as good as last year’s version of the flu, so they’re near pointless really and so it seems vaccines aren’t the answer either.

So what is the answer? I’m not sure.

boho summer outfit with babydoll dress and birkenstocks in the woods in lake arrowhead - lovemaegan

In other let’s pretend to be normal news… I’m so happy it’s warm out FINALLY… it literally went from winter to summer overnight here in these California mountains and it’s amazing!

…and to be honest, it’s the first year in the 7 years I’ve been living up here that I’d REALLY love to own a boat because quarantine is keeping us so cooped up. Being on a boat on the lake (alone with our families and housemates ONLY, obviously) just sounds like the perfect way to enjoy the weather and continue social distancing… but until then, nature walks will have to do… and that’s okay too because I live in the middle of the forest kind of where there is natural beauty everywhere. For instance, this area in the photos that looks completely remote is just across the street from my house. I can look down into the stream from our windows… it’s the runoff from the golf course lake or Grass Valley lake, and it’s beautiful this time of year because everything’s starting to bloom and there is still so much water in the creek. It’s lovely and peaceful and so nice to just be outside in nature 🙂

summer dresses - quarantine house dresses - super comfy dresses - boho dress by free people - maegan in lake arrowhead

In other other news… Dresses are my new favorite quarantine outfit and now that it’s hot, I’m all about them! Though admittedly, I’ve already worn my Lee Modern Vintage coveralls a few times too but for home, dresses have become more comfortable than sweats at this point, especially dresses with no waists, (uh, HELLO QUARANTINE WEIGHT GAIN), and because as soon as I put a dress on I feel pretty and actually dressed for the day, even if it’s the same dress I wore yesterday… I DON’T CARE.

So this is my new favorite quarantine dress (by Free People, one of my fave (more) budget friendly places for cute boho dresses that also go on sale pretty often – and you know I’ve been wearing this comfy dress by FP for two summers now. I have it in 4 colors) and I suspect I’ll be wearing it and all the other loose flowy dresses all summer because COMFORT…. And because “quarantine dress” sounds more like something you’d be contained in like a straight jacket, I’m going to pull an old term out of my grandma’s hat and call it a HOUSE DRESS. I think it’s time to make the term house dress a thing again and MAKE IT FASHION because dammit, WE’RE STUCK AT HOME like 50s housewives about to reach for “mother’s little helper“. But also, ‘60s house dresses are more along the lines of what I’m talking about here… empire waist, a-line, free-flowing shape, NO WAIST, mini or maxi… they’re all cute!

All this is to say is that I think empire waists and babydoll dresses will be making a comeback pretty soon… but also, the timing is about right too. Because ’90s! (but us old ladies who know our fashion history know they started way back in the ’60s, for this particular modern version of course, because it actually dates back to the 18th century, France, I believe) and I’m also pretty sure they’ve already found their way onto the bodies of cute little 20somethings and teens… Oh to be young again. I would maybe sell my soul for it; physically 21, mentally 40, if I could choose the best for both, those years would be it.

I’m rambling, and obviously starved for conversation, lol.


There are a bunch on sale now, so it’s the perfect time to swoop them up! I linked some super cute ones below…

cute and comfy summer dresses for quarantine style

beginner's book on crystals, pretty coffee table books

Just because this book is so pretty… and reading outside and EVERYTHING OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE SUNSHINE and SUMMER FEELS.

comfy dress

summer dresses

cute boho dresses in the forest in lake arrowhead

Happy Thursday Lovecats!

I know… I have no clue what actual day it is, and I have to double check the calendar before even typing that above, but trying to keep it as “normal” as possible, lol. Hope you are all doing well. Sending love to all of you and your families now and always.

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