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#MondayMotivation // Kick Your Excuses to the Curb!

Sometimes it’s hard to notice just how often we make excuses for the things in our life… for our behavior, for our health, for our relationships, for our work, for not accomplishing our goals. Whatever it may be, an excuse is simply rooted in fear and holds us back from truly fulfilling our dreams and living a life we love ?

Sometimes it’s easier to fall back on an excuse that keeps us from having to put in the real effort it takes to get what we want, but the hard work and effort are worth it when we become the people we really want to be.

Paying attention to the words we use, the way we prioritize our lives and the things we keep putting off is a good way to begin to notice the excuses that may be holding us back. They are the roadblocks to our success.

Once we face our fears and kick our excuses to the curb, we can finally move forward ~ mind, body & spirit.

It may be easier said than done, but taking little steps each day with the awareness that they are moving us toward our goal will soon become positive habits that won’t feel like so much effort… and then our goal will be within reach.

Happy Monday Lovecats!

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