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Beauty & Health from the Inside Out with Collagen

beauty and health from the inside out, collagen supplements dr emil, hair skin and nails vitamins

I’m a strict believer that beauty and wellness care must start from within. This belief is handed down from my mother, who was considered a “health nut” by the standards of her time (70s/early 80s) when it wasn’t so widely accepted or understood even.

When once on a trip with the family when I was about 12 years old and very moody, as pre-teens often are, my mom gave me a primrose oil capsule which helped lift my mood in under 20 minutes. I remember the relief I felt to this day. When my skin started breaking out around puberty, instead of giving me heavy face washes and lotions or taking me to the dermatologist, my mom handed me vitamins to do the work from the inside out. And upon seeing and feeling the results of these natural supplements on my own health, mood and skin, I became a believer.

I drink a LOT of water, stay pretty active and try to eat healthy (most of the time)… though as you probably know, it’s not always easy to eat perfectly all the time and vitamins and daily supplements help fill in the blanks for me. I’m not always consistent with ALL of my supplements, but when I start to feel less than optimal, vitamins are my go-to.

collagen plus dr emil, health from the inside out, hair skin and nails supplements

Last winter, at the start of the COVID situation, I revved up my vitamin intake to make sure my immune system was strong and ready to fight anything that might compromise it. Of course, like toilet paper and sanitizing wipes, vitamins were difficult to come by at that time. Luckily I already had a stash of a few of my favorite immune boosters like vitamin D3, Zinc and C to get a head start but I’ve added a few since then as they’ve become available again.

I’ve taken a hair, skin and nails multivitamin in the past but have never tried a collagen supplement. I like this Multi Collagen Plus Super Collagen by Dr. Emil Nutrition because it also includes bone health, joint support and anti-aging benefits, in addition to hair, skin, and nail support because well, I’m trying to grow out my hair right now and I’m thinking this may help.

beauty and health from the inside out, collagen supplements dr emil, hair skin and nails vitamins

So Here’s What it Claims…

Multi Collagen Plus Super Collagen supplement is made up of collagen I, II, III, V, and X for Skin, Hair, Nails, and Joint Support, bone & joint health, anti-aging support, and gut and digestion aid.

It includes 5 types of premium collagen peptides in fast absorbing capsules that work at the cellular level to help support healthy bones, joints, and digestion while giving hair, skin, and nails a youthful appearance.

Head to toe cellular support
* 5 types of collagen, for maximum multi-tasking benefits
* Premium Sources like 100% grass-fed beef.
* Fast-absorbing formula with BioPerine
* High-dose capsules for quick results
* Manufactured in the USA

My MOM’s Thoughts on it…

Of course I asked the “vitamin expert”, my mom, what she thought and she said she’s always been a little cautious of collagen because of the animal products they usually contain. She’s also allergic to eggs, so that keeps her from taking anything with egg ingredients, obviously, but she likes that this one contains several different sources of animal products, which is supposed to be better. She wonders about long-term use of collagen, though believes it will work in the short-term to do what it claims to do. I wonder if since I’m already an inconsistent supplement taker, if it will work for me in that capacity? I’ve only just started taking it every other day and will let you know what benefits I get from it in a month or so.

Do you take a collagen supplement? If so, what is your favorite brand… or, what are your favorite hair, skin and nail vitamins? Do you have any other little secret supplements you swear by? I’d love to know what works for you!

beauty and health from the inside out, collagen supplements dr emil, hair skin and nails vitamins

I shot these photos at my new office the other day and had a blast prop styling with my new and most beautiful crystal chess set Chad got me for Christmas (which I think will sit on my desk permanently) and a little inspo from The Queen’s Gambit 😉

Happy Thursday Lovecats!

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* This post is sponsored by Dr. Emil Nutrition. All opinions are my own.

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