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My Dream Walk-in Closet Makeover… dreams

dream closet 4

I finally live in a house with a walk-in closet to call my own… and I love it. I love the size, that is, but it’s by far, my dream closet. We’ve been here a little over three years now and as much as I’ve decorated the house, there are so many things I really want to renovate, and I’m itching to start this year. AND I think my closet is the perfect place to begin.

Why? Well, A. because it’s the smallest space that I want to renovate, which has got me thinking that since it doesn’t need any rewiring or plumbing, that it’s going to be the least expensive of all the renovations that I want to do with the most bang for my buck. And since it’s also in my office and part of my dressing room, or is almost kind of, my dressing room, it’s work-related because, well, you know, it’s part of my job. So you see, it would benefit me, my home, and my job, and so, it shall be my first inside renovation and I think I want to begin now.

We’ve done a bit of landscaping and little upgrades to the house but nothing monumental as of yet, and most renovations will be a sort of work, in progress. My closet, however, will be a done deal!

I have an idea of what I want to do with it… but I know FOR SURE that I want it bright. I want it functional and I want it pretty. White is my first choice, with possible lucite, mirrors, and metallic trims, but I’m also considering a light gray, though the color scheme will be a simple black and white glam concept.

I guess I’m just wondering if I should just kind of build it myself {or have my stepdad help with sort of building it from the ground up} or if I should go with a closet system like California Closets. They have some gorgeous Walk-in Closets for inspiration, and I love that they come out for a consultation and do it for me vs me measuring and buying all the pieces, building them and installing them myself – all of which the thought of has me already wondering who will die in the process. But since I’ve never worked with a company as such, I was wondering if you had any feedback for me on whether it’s worth it to go with an all-in-one company or just build it myself.

Here are a few of my favorite closets for inspo…

dream closet space 2

This one -above- is my FAVORITE use of space. I want every inch functional -floor to ceiling, and I love the way the corners here are completely utilized. I also love this light gray color mixed with the brass bars.

dream closet space 1

I LOVE how bright and simple and pretty this all white closet above is. The window at the end gives SUCH beautiful light to the space. I would LOVE to add a window or skylight, but I’m not sure that’s an option California Closets offers 😉

dream closet space 3

Photos from The 15 Most Stunning Closets You’ve Ever Seen // Paula Ordovás // Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest, designed by Lee Ledbetter & Associates // Annie Schlechter for Domino // The AEstate

You can check out more of my closet and office space inspiration on my Pinterest Board.

My Closet as it is now… {random shots from Snapchat}

walk in closet

It’s pretty great, but it could DEFINITELY be more functional. The cabinets and random countertop are clearly left-overs from the kitchen and just thrown in there and not really an efficient use of space – I had them painted white before we moved in. I unhinged all the doors from the cabinets above for shoe shelves, but this space could also be better. I currently use the countertop for handbags and it’s just an epic waste of space that gets cluttered {as you can see}. The only beams that were somehow unpainted in the entire house are right there in my closet and very BROWN. The back wall is completely unused and should be lined with shelves, the bar on one side is far too long and ready to rip out from the wall at any moment… AND to top it all off, it’s very VERY dark in there.

2016-01-31 02.50.57

I’m also FINALLY going to really give my home office/dressing room the full attention it deserves and finish decorating it for good. It looks quite different from the last time I really documented it, but still, it’s not exactly finished yet. Sometimes you just need to live with things the way they are before you know what they need or what you’re really going to use/need the space for. Now is that time 🙂

Any advice, words of wisdom, or great reviews from working with California Closets would be so appreciated, Lovecats!

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