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My Closet in My Dressing Room : Complete {OLD Closet & Dressing Room}

my closet in my dressing room

My office/dressing room is 99% complete. I’m just being an insane perfectionist at this moment and still have a few more finishing touches to add. It’s overflowing with feminine clutter and fabulousness and is a dream to work and dress in. It inspires me daily. I’ve definitely shown you a few different sections of it but the complete reveal will be sometime next week.

As for my closet, within my office/dressing room …it is now complete …and really not extraordinarily different from the first time I posted, just more organized. But a little bit of organization makes all the difference in the world.

It was already painted gray when we moved in so I just left it though it tends to be a bit darker than I’d like.

in my closet

I had a few random shoe shelves acting as regular shelves to house my stacks of jeans but that was about it. Not to mention the 2 extra feet of unused space above the stacks. And speaking of, why OH WHY when building closets, do {or did they} leave 3 perfectly good feet of space UNSHELVED? It’s really preposterous to me that every closet I’ve ever had has this ridiculous amount of unusable space above the bar.

organizing my closet

I found these Closetmaid cubes {$35-$50 each – & easy to assemble} to be the perfect height to fill in the 3 feet of space and give me ample storage for the nicer shoes I keep in boxes.

And on the opposite side, to store all my handbags …some in their dust bags & some lined up. This actually looks much tidier in person.

my closet - the bag side

With the help of my bro, these are now secured to the wall

And now I have extra space on the original shelf, in between the two cubes to store the larger boxes & shoe dust bags and a little room to grow in 😉

boxes and shoe bags folded

I am lucky, however that this closet, while not even close to big enough, did come equipped with an entire side of shelves for shoes. And I organize them one in front of the other so as to utilize as much space as I can. Shoes I don’t wear as often or more expensive shoes either go on display in my dressing room or stay protected in their boxes.

closet - shoe side

Shoes I wear most often end up on my closet floor in front of my tall boots which are lined up along the back wall.

closet floor + everyday shoes and tall boots

I’m in the process of switching out all my old plastic department store style hangers to the amazingly thin felt covered hangers …but it may take a while because I’m going to need a ton of them and I don’t really want to be wasteful. I also prefer the black felt hangers without the bar along the bottom or the hook in the center that gets stuck on all the other ones but it’s going to cost me a pretty penny to do it all at once. So, a process it is.

Clothes on Hangers

Just outside my closet door, I’ve hung hooks and this one has become a very handy storage spot for my daily bangles. The one on the opposite side that is unseen, holds my robes.

burberry trench and bangles on a hook

A few of my old shoe shelves ended up working rather swimmingly atop my dressers to organize the items I want to display rather than keep hidden away in my closet. Here’s a little peek of one of them …which you may have seen if you follow my Instagram stream or my Tumblr.

shoes+clutches+perfumes+sunglasses+jesus bust+magazines+dressing room accents

That’s Jesus …with a vintage hat. He’s very serious about vintage collecting.

My husband uses the closet in our master bedroom, which is bounding with shelves and upper and lower bars and is utterly fantastic for not being a walk-in …and every time I openly admit my lust for his closet he reminds me that I have an entire room for my clothes. And he’s right, but still, my actual closet space is nothing to write home about. I have to be unbelievably organized just to make it work. Which I don’t mind I suppose, I do have a really fun dressing room and office that leads into it. 😉

* CLICK HERE to See My Finished Home Office/Dressing Room *



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