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Wow. It’s November. I’m giddy and shocked at the same time. Giddy because THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE. Shocked because, WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO!??!

new hair

I FINALLY got my hair done and though I didn’t go as short as I originally wanted to, I love the length of it right now. It feels kind of drastic, without actually being short. We cut off 5 inches and it still managed to be long. FYI if you’re in Lake Arrowhead and need a great stylist, I go to Shannon at Rumors in the village. She’s awesome, and the salon is on the lake, so the view out the back is incredible!


shoe closet crocs boots

I find that my closet is the quietest place in the house when the husband is playing GTA, so I sit on the floor and read in there. I may have to put some floor cushions or even a small chair in there soon because, ouch.

These are new Crocs boots… my feet LIVE in Crocs all winter. They’re warm and cozy and have really great support for this old lady {mostly for my bad ankle} but we also walk a LOT here, and they’re the only shoes I can really wear for long periods of time to walk in. But to be honest, all those heels up there in the first photo are getting dusty, lol.


sunset on the lake

On Halloween, we walked to the Village just in time for the beautiful sunset on the lake and then stopped in the Grapevine for some wine and cheese. It was a low-key evening, until we returned home and the husband made me watch Evil Dead {the new one} but any horror film is just too much scary for me, lol.


pumkins and wine velvet and teal

I began the evening with cheap wine and candy corn… which made the cheap wine taste so much better!

Last week’s outfit post: It’s Playing on My Mind It’s Dancing on My Soul


music lessons

I had my second piano lesson on Wednesday, I was just finishing up some homework before I left. I’m just learning how to read music right now, and it’s absolutely like learning another language. It forces me to be in the moment and my brain is loving it.


frenchie in a hoodie

Oh LeRoy 🙁 He began having seizures recently, and after three in one night, the vet prescribed Phenobarbitol for him and now he walks around like a stumbling drunk all day long. Apparently, his little body will get used to it and he will go back to normal in a week or so, but I have to admit, I’m having a hard time watching him. It all kind of reminds me that I have to start accepting that he’s getting older and may not be around forever, and that’s so sad… and usually something I’d rather avoid thinking about, but I don’t want to miss one minute with him while he’s here. But yeah, it’s hard, he’s just not acting like my little chicken right now 🙁 But at least he’s not seizing. That was so scary for him to go through and extremely emotional for us as well. The husband has been a superhero through it all.


wilted rose

These wilted roses were so incredible in person… they looked beautiful and smelled heavenly too.

Happy Sunday Lovecats!

Hope you’re having a nice weekend.


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