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vintage levis 501s

My mom drove up for a quick visit last weekend and brought approximately 10 pairs of perfectly distressed and ripped up Levi’s 501 jeans for me. Some belonged to my brother, and fit a little loose, like perfectly fitting boyfriend jeans {although I’m thinking about changing the name to “brother jeans” :}, and the others were my mom’s and fit a little tight, and all high-wasted like we wore them in the ’90s, and sorting through them made me just giddy! Nowhere else could I find such perfectly distressed and worn Levi’s that will fit the way I want them to and for free! I must be the exact size between my mom and my brother, which also makes me giggle.

casual beachy rustic living room - outliers book

I started reading Outliers the other day by Malcolm Gladwell and just cannot put it down. It’s incredible!

{In my living room, sitting in the chair by the fireplace… with my sad Fiddle Fig Leaf I haven’t found a tree that loves this corner yet.}

dog heaven

This very sweet package including the book Dog Heaven, a thoughtful letter, and sweet little LeRoy stickers in loving memory of my very favorite dog on the planet, arrived last week from a long-time reader and super creative Amanda Rose. I can’t bring myself to read it just yet, but soon. Oh how I miss him. Thank you so much Amanda <3

ecco domani merlot

Since I partnered with Ecco Domani, I have also fallen IN LOVE with their Merlot. That’s no joke. I’ve shared a bottle with my piano teacher and my neighbor, but this was Thursday evening, a little pre-Friday celebratory wine goodness.

***AND speaking of my collab w/ Ecco Domani … we have AN AMAAAAAAAAZING giveaway coming up later this week… LIKE YOU WILL DIE it’s so amazing… I can’t WAIT to share it with you!!!

old pug in hoodie sweatshirt

This old pug Bebop.

pillip lim pashli bag

Last week’s outfit post featuring 3.1 Phillip Lim bag & Muse Dress a new fave!

black bean brownies

And sharing the fact that I have baked more than one batch of these amazing Black Bean Brownies since I posted last week AND they get better each time!

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely one.


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  • Amanda Rose

    February 23, 2014 |

    Hugs + Kisses!

  • MA

    February 23, 2014 |

    How very thoughtful of Amanda Rose, the stickers are precious.

    I am curious about the direction of sun in that corner where your fiddle leaf is…I am an avid gardener and would love to give you a couple of suggestions if you would like.

    The Muse dress is so pretty, the colors are vibrant.

    Have a wonderful evening! 🙂

  • MA

    February 23, 2014 |

    BTW, my name is Mary. 🙂

  • Always So Sweet

    February 23, 2014 |

    So sweet of Amanda Rose………..You have many good and thoughtful friends here.

  • Maegan Tintari

    February 23, 2014 |

    HI Mary! I’d love some plant/tree tips! I had a eucalyptus that didn’t like that corner either. I think the heater also plays a big role in killing them, so I’ve started misting as well as watering them. Still, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks! xo

  • MA

    February 24, 2014 |

    Good Morning! I have one idea so far for that corner..have you ever grown an Olive tree? (Olea is the technical name) That may just be suitable for that space. There is a lot of info on that, so you can investigate if it sounds doable.

    I have a Dracaena that has grown from a small table plant to a very large floor plant and it is quite stunning…that is also a thought.

    Ficus species (fiddle leaf fig included) can be a bit touchy to grow, and they really don’t like too much water…mist sparingly.

    Just a few thoughts, let me know what you think. 🙂

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