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My InstaLife Recap : Week 3/10-3/16 in Photos

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hot coco, french bulldog&nbspwalking the dogs in the dark with a light saber
antique green hand painted china cabinet chest pug, dog in wheels

1. Saturday night. I’d eaten all the chocolate in the house… hot coco was all that was left.
2. Husband walking the dogs with a light saber is quite handy in these here parts, where animals could be lurking behind trees, ready to pounce. He’s actually not worried at all, but I am.
3. Amazingly beautiful emerald green, hand-painted chest/china cabinet at one of my favorite shops here called Timberline in The Glen. There are so many amazing pieces in there, I am dying to go back with my Nikon to photograph it to share with you.
4. The husband went to LA for a day and a night… thus I was up with the dogs, a job normally saved for him 😉

St. Patrick's Day Nails, pot of gold manicure sun through the trees, naturally filtered
big blonde afro curls, neutrals in the snow modern + vintage home decor

1. My Trail to gold, St. Patrick’s Day nails this year
2. Sun bursting through the trees… with natural filter
3. Neutrals in the snow and blonde afro
4. A part of my new office

yellow house with green trim and red door bebop the old pug
cute frenchie in clothes, french bulldog navy house with white trim, a frame, large windows

1. Houses in the woods: Yellow with green trim and red door
2. Bebop Pugman… just being bebop
3. LeRoy, in the kitchen
4. Houses in the woods: Navy with white trim, A frame, large windows

cup chilling in the snow naked trees, branches, blue sky

1. Last weekend our friends came to visit, and while we were sledding outside in the leftover snow, their drinks were chilling in it.
2. Just the naked trees… branches in the sky.

Happy Sunday Lovecats!

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day too!


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