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MY INSTALIFE RECAP | WEEK 4/13-4/20 ~ IN PHOTOS {More Puppies!}

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puppies make a heart

The love and happiness that these two have brought to our lives cannot be expressed in a better way than the above photo. I love that they are brothers… they fight like siblings do, but cuddle like them too. It’s really sweet to watch them grow, both so differently, in personality, size, and shape. We are in love.

little lords

These Little Lords look big, but Randy is still only about 4lbs and Trevor about 6lbs. Though I guess they have doubled in size since we brought them home 5 weeks ago. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long already!

They LOVE the heater vent in the kitchen… love… and siesta-ing out in the sun on the deck.

frenchie puppy brothers

apple tree blooming for leroy

When LeRoy passed, our neighbors brought us this apple tree in honor of him… and they didn’t even know that apples were his favorite! It started blooming and brought tears to my eyes, but I think it’s the nicest way to remember a lost pet. We will include it in our landscaping design to remember LeRoy and watch it grow to hopefully produce apples every year to enjoy with the new doggies.

easter puppies in a basket

A shot from our furry Easter family photo shoot 🙂

frenchie bunny head

My little bunnyhead…

funny frenchie

Randy makes the funniest faces! He starts to go a little ballistic playing alone with one of his toys and then a myriad of faces reveal themselves. It’s lucky when I have a camera on hand for the funny Frenchie faces he makes.

beachy guest room octopus print

I finally hung the octopus print in the beachy guest room and love it! I hung the leafy print that was originally there on the other wall next to the bed, and now it’s complete. I love this room.

little lords on the couch

They’ve literally taken over our living room and couch… I’m investing in more couch blankets now.

little lords sleeping remote

See, they’re not much bigger than the tv remote!

birkenstocks and puppies

puppies with bebop

Giving each other the side-eye… about to pounce… Bebop has no idea.

puppy on a leash

We’ve been potty training the boys out on our deck until they get all their shots, but we tried on their harness and leash just to ease them in and they were a little confused by them. Randy is much braver than Trevor, even though he is smaller, and he adjusts to things quicker as well.

puppies laying on me

As soon as I sit on the floor, they climb all over me… but sometimes it’s the only way to get them to take a nap so that we can get some work done!

And now a few non-puppy/work-related photos…

diy wearable iphone case

* DIY Wearable iPhone Case

suave self tanning visible glow

Getting my #SUAVEGLOW on …. these are my before and during photos. I’ll be revealing my final tan on Wednesday and admittedly loving styling swimwear outfit posts!

hunters alley room makeover

Working with Hunters Alley to makeover our reading room {that was originally being saved as a nursery, but you know how that story goes} So I’m excited to finally finish it! See the before photos of the room here and come back next week for the final room reveal {I have gathered all the pieces, but haven’t started on the space yet, so it literally still looks like it does in the photos… though I have finally put the holiday gift-wrapping back down in the garage}

mixed prints-camo jacket

Last week’s festival-ready outfit… perfect for summer nights at the lake too. I love the camo army jacket because the pockets are so big I don’t need to carry a handbag with me. Also, the wearable iphone diy, amazing.

savecinco yummy tequila cocktail

* My new favorite summery cocktail… so refreshing and low in sugar! #SaveCinco

Happy Monday Lovecats!

* May you have a wonderful week!


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