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My InstaLife : Week 1/14-1/20 in Photos

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Twas a busy week… mostly because I had a little film crew scheduled to be here Friday/Sat and my office and closet weren’t quite film-ready yet, so I spent most of my week organizing, putting away, hanging, and decorating in preparation for it. And then it was here and gone in a flash and oh so fun. Hopefully I can share details with you soon… as well as a peek into my new walk-in closet. So fun.

healthy snack, kind of hudson printed jeans, crocs high tops, scrunch socks
sequin flats in the snow filming in my closet

1. A favorite snack as of late… wheat crisps with cream cheese {in generous spreadfuls ;}
2. New jeans from Hudson with Crocs high tops and major scrunch socks. Yup!! {any Archer fans?}
3. The cutest little sequin flats in the snow… leaving snowy hearts in the path behind her.
4. First film crew in my new office and closet… Lot’s of questions on Instagram about my sweater… it’s a rose-print cardigan by Free People … more info soon on the rest

frenchie in a hoodie dyson vacuum, zebra rug
huge mustache new blonde hair

1. LeRoy sleeping in his sweatshirt… looks like Dopey
2. Finally busted out our new Dyson to vacuum and IT IS AMAZING. Also… I’m missing my housekeeper and not just for cleaning reasons, but because I miss chatting with her.
3. Husband finally decided now was the time to try out his ginormous mustache look, which he’s loving, and I’m mostly laughing at because I can’t help it.
4. Wasn’t sure about my new hair at first but actually loving it. I’m just used to seeing it a bit lighter on top but she did such a great job with the foils, it looks really natural in person. So lucky to find her. She’s awesome… for any locals, go to Rumors in the Village and ask for Shanon

lake view, lake arrowhead pug in wheels in the snow
winter style, plaid life is better at the lake

1. The view of the lake from the salon chair… I know
2. Bebop in his wheels in the snow {read his story here}
3. Last week’s winter style outfit {full outfit post here}
4. Life is better at the lake sign in front of a shop here… #truth

Happy Sunday Lovecats!


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