Fall 2010 Outfits my style

One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do

lace up boots and socks+leopard scarf+louis vuitton bag+street style

What I’m Wearing
* Marc Echo men’s blue button down {I snatched this basic when the husband and I were shopping for him in Vegas}
* white thrifted sweater worn over
* J Brand black skinny jeans …cuffed. I don’t think I’ve put these on in about a year {well, that’s probably a lie but I’d have to check my outfit archives to tell} …and they were just as tight as I remembered and oh so uncomfortable -especially on the day Aunt FLo arrives. While sitting at work all day, I was so wishing I had one of those stretchy pregnancy bands to wear around the top of the jeans so I could leave them unbuttoned for the remainder of the day. But no.
* Leopard scarf {again …I’m so loving this. It’s actually just a yard of sheer leopard print fabric I picked up last time I was at the fabric store}
* White ruffle socks {you can get these in the little girls section of Target …just get the biggest size. I secretly love wearing ruffle socks under long pants or jeans}
* Sam Edelman peep toe granny boot
* {with vintage rabbit’s foot charm}
* Tom Ford cat-eye sunglasses
* Title: lyrics from ONE by Three Dog Night

WOW. I think today is the first time in the history of my outfit posting that I used only one photo. It wasn’t on purpose really, it was more of the only photo that was good enough to use variety. So I figured, why force it?

I’m so happy it’s Friday. I am finding it increasingly difficult to get myself to the art gallery to work for someone else when I have so many projects that 1. I Am trying to get done and/or 2. Wishing I had time to begin. Working on anything other than this blog or something that directly relates to it just seems counterproductive at this point. Every minute of time I spend on something else I only think about how much time & energy and effort I’m not putting towards a project I am working on or could be working on. And even though I’m only at the gallery 3 days a week, this October marks 10 years I have now spent working here {sometimes full-time sometimes part} …and ten years is a long time. I was 24 when I started, accidentally really, and am 34 now and it’s becoming more and more difficult to motivate & not resent everything about it …even in this freaky economic time when so many people are without jobs. Yes, I see how it all sounds so bratty but when do you bite the bullet and take that risk, that leap of faith {or whatever} and focus all of your energy on being your own boss instead of working for someone else?

So Friday afternoon marks the beginning of a glorious three day period of which I get to spend working and finishing projects and starting new ones instead of enjoying any time off. Downtime, you ask? Time off? …that’s how I spent my 20’s, I’m just making up for it now.



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